Screw The Nine To Five

The power of creating a "copy bank" to get inside your dream customer's head

Why it's so important to speak your customer's language

How to get people to "hear" you before they hire you

Why you need to keep the purpose of what you're creating in mind before you ever start writing

The power of patience & giving yourself permission

Why mindset matters more than you think

How to know whether or not your copy is hitting the mark

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How Nikki evolved from a college instructor to a cold-calling sales rep to moonlighting as a park ranger to helping entrepreneurs up their communication game

The biggest skills Nikki took from her soul-sucking sales job and used in her business

Nikki's take on her old employee mindset

A big shoutout to all those sales reps, telemarketers and anyone hating their job

Why waiting and chasing perfectionism is a killer

The power of knowing what you're good at

Nikki's biggest takeaway from making zero sales on her first ever webinar

Nikki reveals today's challenge for YOU

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Our struggle with selling on the Screw during the early days

One thing you have to understand about your customer if you want to sell to them

The most important thing to 'boast' when pitching your product or service

How to avoid pushing the sale

The power of a "me too" moment

Why providing free valuable content is one of the easiest ways to convert a customer

The importance of prompting the sale

Why you should always take the focus off you when trying to sell your product or service

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The easiest FREE way to start driving traffic to your site

How to find sites to write for who are currently accepting guest posts

A second killer free traffic hack to spread the word on your business

Why you should only focus on free traffic in the early days of your business

A big tip to keep in mind when pitching yourself

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Find out what Anthony was doing in his 9-to-5 before "screwing" it

The tipping point that enticed Anthony to start his online business

How Anthony found out about the Coaching industry

The biggest thing Anthony did to build up his online presence and connections

How Anthony balanced his day job and his online business

How to build your confidence around coaching other people

Anthony's advice to YOU

Today's challenge to take the first step towards your business asap!

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Why making your first sale is SO important - and it's not what you think

How Josh made his first sale online - and it's not the goldfish book

We're breaking down what the KYSS method is all about

Why you should be spying on your competitors

What the heck is a lead magnet and why do you need one

The most important thing to keep in mind when creating your lead magnet

Why you need to start thinking up an Introductory Offer

The importance of "upgrading" your customers with a Core Offer

How to find your first customer

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Find out how Kate and John Lee Dumas live and work together without killing each other

The importance of discovering you and your partner's strengths in business

The BEST test for discovering your innate strengths and weaknesses

John and Kate's biggest challenge in their business

How Kate and John set aside time for each other

Mine and Josh's personality types and how accurate they are...or not!

Find out John and Kate's personality type from the Fascination Test

A glimpse into Kate's morning routine

The importance of ONE thing

John Lee Dumas' morning routine & why it's so powerful

The power of Wake Up and Break Up

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Kate's biggest community-building goal-setting tips

The power of conversation when it comes to building raving fans

The KLT factor and why it's SO important

Why consistency is crucial when it comes to community-building

How attending live events helped John and Kate build a rabid audience

Why you should consider hosting a meetup

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What Kate was doing for a 9-to-5 before she finally quit for good

How she ended up working side-by-side with John Lee Dumas

The different skills Kate took from her day job and how she applied them to EoF

Kate's answer to: Can you really do what you love AND make money from it?

Kate's advice to someone who wants to start a business online, but doesn't believe they can do it

Kate's challenge to YOU

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What the theory of "speed of execution" is all about

Why execution is SO important and critical to success

The importance of acting as soon as the idea strikes

Some action steps you can use as soon as an idea hits

Why scheduling your work hours is crucial

Why you need to put your ideas down on paper

The best accountability site on the web

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Todd Wees asks Melissa his Q

How Melissa started the pivot from corporate ad exec to entrepreneur

What Melissa did to start building the foundations of

How to hold yourself accountable during the transition from day job to entrepreneur

The mantra that Melissa repeated every day to herself to get her through her bartending shift

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What Melissa did before helping women deal with hormonal and digestive issues

The health scare that caused Melissa to quit once and for all

How Melissa was able to fund her business without a traditional day job

The specific skills Melissa took from her advertising job and used in her business

The importance of talking to your audience and how to use the answers in your business

Melissa's biggest tips for using video in your business

Why entrepreneurship is the best form of personal development

Reframing the whole "I'm too old to start a business" excuse

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The power of daily rituals

The name of Jill's morning routine & what it includes

Josh's morning routine & how it shakes down

The importance of calling "bullshit"

The mantras we live & die by

Mantras you can use to silence your own inner critic

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How to use your dream customer to set your prices

The difference between people who charge premium prices & those who don't

Using your client's "gains" to figure out your prices

The things you shouldn't factor into your rates

Whether you should have an entry-level service or not

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