Screw The Nine To Five

I'm just gonna come out and say it, Scroupies…

You're probably losing money in your business right now and you don't even know it!

*insert stunned emoji*

And while that is legit one of the last things we entrepreneurs want to hear, it's important to examine the revenue generating opportunities we may be missing out on.

After all, we all work so hard for the revenue we do make that when you realize you’re actually losing cash (or missing out on having more of it) it kinda stings, am I right? 

Well, allow us to help you fix that!


By breaking down where you might be losing money AND how to fix it so you can stop losing cash and start making more of it.

Need that in your life?

Scroll up and that play button!

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I'm not gonna lie, I'm excited for today's episode!

*confetti toss*


Because today we are chatting with one of our fellow Screw U members, Michael Kelly about what it really takes to build a successful SAAS (a.k.a. software as a service) business in under 2 years.

What's more is Michael is sharing how he's done it alongside his wife, Erin (without wanting to kill each other), their toddler and while travelling across the country in an RV.

Yeah, seriously.

If you've ever considered branching out of the online courses, membership sites and coaching world and doing something different, I think you're gonna want to scroll on up the page and give this bad boy a listen!

Obvious statement alert: It is noisy AF in the online business world.

From marketers dominating your newsfeed with big, bold promises to your inbox overflowing with the latest launch of the month, it can feel daunting (and let's be real, a tad overwhelming) trying to figure out how you and your business can stand out and make a splash.

That is, unless you have someone like Bushra Azhar in your corner.


Because this woman is a motha effin' genius when it comes to positioning your offers in a way that makes people trip over themselves running to get their credit cards to buy your stuff.


And in this episode Bushra is breaking down how to create “raging UTI” worthy offers people can't stop thinking about.

If you just had an “ummmm WTF are you talking about?” moment then I want you to stop what you're doing, scroll up this page and hit that play button.

Because this episode is too good to miss!

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I know. We’ve been talking aaaaaa LOT about Facebook Groups.

But we have a good reason!

You see, when it comes to building a rabid audience of believers, we truly believe (based on our experience over the last 3 years) there is no better way to do that than with a FB Group.

And yet, when it comes to running a group (and marketing inside it), there are some pretty common mistakes we see group owners making.

So we wanted to use this episode to call out these common mistakes and give you some strategies to fix ‘em so you can amp up your group game.

Ready to dive in?

Hit play!

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When it comes to building an audience of believers and marketing your business online, there is one strategy we are die-hard believers in.

What is it?

Facebook Groups.

And while, yes, we know FB Groups aren't for everyone, they can be absolutely monumental to the growth of your business.

Which is why we wanted to use this episode to jam on why we believe starting a free Facebook Group for your brand should be one of your biggest priorities in your business if you want to build a loyal audience of lifers.

Craving that kind of connection with your audience and a dedicated marketing channel for your business, that doesn't feel like a "marketing channel"?

Scroll on up, hit play and let's dive in!

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