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SEO is one of the most important aspects of online businesses and of businesses in general. It covers a whole range of elements: rankings, link building, keywords, organic traffic, etc. However, there is a very important piece in the SEO puzzle that is not frequently mentioned but that is essential to make SEO work for you. And that thing is... discussed in this very episode. Take a listen.

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In this episode Jill talks to Pete Vargas from, a business that helps entrepreneurs use public speaking to grow their businesses. Pete gives insights on how important it is for entrepreneurs to develop and use public speaking skills to establish communities offline for increasing connection and conversion rates.

Reaching your first 100K might seem like a HUGE goal to hit in your business. Getting to that point means adjusting your mindset and beliefs, along with a ton of consistency for faster and steady growth.

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After years of running our online businesses, I’m clear on one thing: Struggling entrepreneurs are struggling BECAUSE they don’t have a friggin’ clue how to actually run a business! In this episode with our good friend and mentor James Wedmore, we're breaking down how to finally design and grow a business that YOU RUN instead of feeling like it's RUNNING YOU!

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In this episode, Josh and Jill share the reasons why they are closing Screw U (, their membership site that had been running for three and a half years. Screw U provided courses, coaching and a community for entrepreneurs; however, in spite of the great experiences and people that had gathered around the site, there were a series of reasons that led Jill and Josh to make the big decision to close it. Take a listen to the whole episode to know the details.

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