Screw The Nine To Five

Are you running your schedule? Or are you at the beck and call of everyone else?

If you're not setting boundaries around your availability, then that needs to change right now, friends!

It's time to take control of your life, your business, and your schedule by creating clear boundaries.

Give this one a listen to hear some of our tips on how we took control over our calendar!

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Struggling to find a strategy that actually works for growing your team?

We're sharing how we're doing it in 2020, what we've struggled with in the past, and how our new strategy is working for us now!

Tune in and steal whatever tips you'd like, so you can build a killer strategy to grow your rockstar team in the new year!

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Have you ever just wished you could meet someone and instantly connect with them? Like you've known them your entire life?

But somehow you just end up talking about the weather instead of engaging in interesting, soul-filling conversation like you're longing for!

If you're on the struggle bus when it comes to connecting with people, Chris Winfield and Jen Gottlieb from Super Connector Media have got your back!

Give this baby a listen and find out how you can start connecting with anyone!

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Have you ever considered the fact that having a "Plan B" might just be the worst idea EVER?

I know, it sounds a little crazy, right? But tune and you'll see what we mean!

Today, we're chatting about the power in committing and NOT having a "Plan B" to fall back on.

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Do you think mindset is just as important as the technical side of running your business?

We believe mindset is just as important, if not MORE important, than the technical side, because we've had first-hand experience that's seriously changed our biz game!

So today, we're bringing Dr. Shannon Irvine on the show to share some ah-mazing neurohacking success tips with you!

Turn up the volume, pop in those earbuds, and give this baby a listen!

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Are you intimated by messenger bots because there's a GAZILLION things to know, rules to follow, and it's all just beyond your techy abilities?

If you're ready to really take that leap and dive into the messenger bot world, we've got Paul Ace (The Messenger Bot Guy) giving some great advice on how to use messenger bots the RIGHT way.

Give this one a listen and get ready to step up your marketing game!

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Do you ever wish someone would just share alllll the things about running a your own business?

I'm talking the good, the bad, AND the ugly!

Give this episode a listen, because we think that everyone should see all the sides of owning your own business, not just the good ones. So we're not holding anything back!

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Do you keep trying to find a virtual assistant, but it's just not working out?

How does everyone else find these amazing virtual assistants that rock their world?!

We've got John Jonas from on the podcast today, and he's sharing his best tips on creating a perfect job description for a virtual assistant so you can hire with confidence!

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Are you still waiting around for someone to give you permission to do what you REALLY want?

Well we've got just what you need!

Today, Cara Alwill is on the show today to chat about her new book, Girl On Fire, and teach you some key things to help you create a life and business that you're OB-SESSED with!

Ready to dive in with us? Give this baby a listen!

Do you have what it takes to train a new member of your team?

Do you have the patience? The time? The money? Do YOU want to put in the effort?

Today we are chatting about how long it really takes to train a new team member and why most people are quick to fire. Tune in if you're ready to find out what it really takes!

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Why run in-person workshops instead of focusing your efforts online?

Simple, in-person workshops are about a GAZILLION times more effective!

Listen in to today's episode with Benjamin Harvey from Authentic Education and find out how he runs a 7-figure business built around live workshops.

Plus, discover how this type of business model can in fact be more scalable than you think!

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If you could design the perfect workday, what would it look like?

For us, the main thing was reclaiming our morning hours to do the things that give us energy!

Listen to this bad boy to see how you can take back the morning!

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How many times has someone told you to "enjoy the journey" when you're going through a rough patch in life or your business?

If that's not the last thing you want to hear during a "hard time" -- I don't know what is!

But maybe they're right. Tune in to see what we mean!

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