Screw The Nine To Five

Join us on this episode as we discuss 2023 economic predictions, starting fights in Thailand (kind of), and the impact of Elon Musk's recent actions on the tech sector. We also share our perspective on maintaining a growth mindset, and we explore the role it plays in achieving success. All this and more, on a thought-provoking episode of  The Screw the Nine to Five Podcast.

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Join Josh and Jill in the latest episode of Screw the Nine to Five podcast as they delve into the exciting world of GPT-3 and its impact on the online business industry.

Get an inside look at how they navigated the changes over the past 14 months, with their unique and flexible lifestyle. Listen as they share their personal experiences and reflect on the purpose behind the podcast name "Screw the Nine to Five".

Discover why they are in Phuket, Thailand and the exciting realization they've made about their podcast journey.

This episode is packed with insightful and motivational ideas to help you live life on your own terms!

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