Screw The Nine To Five
  • Why you need to delegate… Like, now!
  • How outsourcing can increase creativity, business focus and freedom
  • Do you suffer from Superman Syndrome? How to recognise you need help
  • How to pinpoint the tasks you can outsource, using this three step process
  • Let it go. We chat relinquishing our vice grips to ‘do less, better’
  • Systemise that shizz! How to create outsource systems and schedules
  • The nitty gritty of managing staff: Time-zones, probation periods, SOP’s, and video training

  • How did Screw U member Jose go from earning $0 to $2500 in just 3 months?
  • The methods and strategies that Jose used to steadily grow his online income
  • Still in your day job? We talk how to hustle on the side!
  • What is your ‘why’? Jose shares his motivations and his pursuit of freedom
  • How to implement your learnings by doing something every day
  • Why you need to stop overthinking and dive straight in
  • Are you taking yourself seriously? Why (and how) to invest in your success

  • What is, and how does James make it work?
  • The power of recurring revenue through subscription membership sites
  • Why is lifetime access a big mistake? We talk diminishing returns
  • How to manage member expectations and ultimately exceed them
  • What is future pacing and how could it help you sell your subscriptions?
  • The power of brevity and quality. We’re breakin’ down the ‘less is more’ truth
  • Is your site too unorganised? How to build and package your services to encourage a memberships
  • Why you need to turn up, be visible and take care of your community

  • What was James doing before he started his online business, and how did his sales, business and leadership background help him?
  • The corporate training ground: how your 9-5 skills help you in the online world
  • How to take constant  inspiration, information and learnings from everywhere
  • The harsh realities of the progression curve. How to step up, not shy away
  • We talk painful learning lessons. How can you adapt so people buy from you?
  • Why you need to elevate your presence and distinguish yourself
  • Shiny object syndrome? We chat instant gratification vs. playing the long game
  • Why and how James is the exception as a ‘specialised generalist’. Say whaaaat?
  • Are you over-niching yourself into limitations that needn't be there?
  • How to build a recurring income streams by focusing only on the essential

What is Suitcase Entrepreneur and how can Natalie help you?

How to run your business from anywhere and get shit done!

The beauty of simplicity. Why you shouldn’t try too many new tools at once

What is the two week test and how can it help you pick your tools?

Tight and Right! You need tools that do their job and integrate 

Which tools and aps does Natalie swear by for running a business on the road?

Who is Natalie Sisson, and what was she doing before Suitcase Entrepreneur?

How to use your light bulb moments and distil your vision into profit

What’s your offering? How to know your brand and communicate it succinctly

Believe in yourself! How to recognise your strengths, realize your potential and sell your expertise

All corporate right now? Natalie explains how your current skills are transferable

Don’t try and be everything to everyone. We talk finding your audience and niche

How to take users on a journey right down the ‘sales funnel’ and start converting

Why you need to get some focus and figure out what you are trying to achieve!

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Multiple entrepreneur Dan Norris spills about his must-have Wordpress plugins

Keepin’ it simple. Why you don’t actually want too many plugins anyway

Do you need a stats plugin? How to ace your analytics with external software

How fast does your site load? The different caching options you should consider

Ensure your content reaches your audience with this simple SEO plugin

Find out which plugin cuts through the BS to encourage quality comments

The importance of knowing which plugins add value, and which slow you down

How many is too many? Find out Dan’s magic number of max plugins

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How to find the right audience online, and why it’s important. We’re breakin’ it down!

Wasted time and wasted efforts. What happens if you find the wrong audience?

Paid vs organic advertising. How to track down your audience using both

Get down with Google! How to do filtered keyword research and find your people

The importance of creating tailored content to target your community

Are you solving a ‘how to’ problem, or meeting a social need?

Not all platforms were created equal! Which are the most effective for you and how do you find them?


The website that will help you find influencers and target the right social channels

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Who are CPA on Fire and how can they help you?

Keepin’ it legal. How, when and  *how much* should you be paying yourself?

The different arrangements for sole proprietor, LLC and S corp

We’re talkin’ taxes- Do you pay, or does the business pay?

Get informed about self employment taxes: the 15.3% you *maybe* could save

What is considered a ‘reasonable salary’ for an S Corp company member?


Panicked about payroll? How to outsource, and what you should be paying

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