Screw The Nine To Five

Why the heck does Steve want to read a book a day?

What's the difference between business books and novels when it comes to speed reading?

Why should you start at the table of contents when speeding through a book?

What's so important about the first and last paragraph of each chapter? Steve breaks it down

Steve's biggest tip for speed-reading and why you'll need your finger for it

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What the heck does NLP even mean? Andy is breaking it down

How Andy overcame a very humble beginning

How did Andy go from never working with a computer to working for Microsoft? He explains!

Andy reveals how he went from Microsoft to commercial real estate to starting his own business in the space of a few years

What were the first few years of Andy's business like?

The power of listening to your intuition

What was the one thing that had the biggest impact on Andy's business?

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What is affiliate marketing?

How we got started with affiliate marketing (and why it involved Josh being sassy)

Want to make money with affiliate links? Follow this step by step process!

The difference between niche sites and authority sites

Which type of site should YOU build?

Which products should you choose? We'll help you decide

Learn how to use affiliate marketing in a way that is right for YOU

Access our FREE downloadable guide to building your own niche sites

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What's the easiest way to make money online? We're breaking it down

What the hell is affiliate marketing?

How do you make money with affiliate marketing anyways?

Why is affiliate marketing the easiest way tog et started?

The two different types of affiliate marketing

The truth about passive income

Another way to make money online

How much should you invest in your affiliate sites?

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What is Amanda's business all about? She's breaking it down

What was Amanda doing before her business and why was she driving 100s of kms a week?

How did Amanda first start dipping her toes into the online space?

Does tech make your brain want to explode? This is how Amanda powers through the overwhelm

The temptation to quit is REAL, here's how Amanda avoids it

Amanda's biggest revelation to date

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A little recap on the last 6 months

The power of ripping yourself out of your comfort zone

Why I had a few "ugly cry" moments throughout the last 6 months

The moment where I realized most people would give up

Why big conferences aren't really all that great

Our big sales funnel f*ck up

Why simplicity is key to success

The power of scrapping a project if it's not working for you

Why community is crazy-important

Our biggest ah-ha of our entire business - why membership communities are game-changers

What does "screwing the 9-to-5" mean to the Screw Crew? They're breaking it down!

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What was Daniel doing before he got his first client?

The conversation that made Daniel realize he needed to quit his job

How Daniel transitioned from an everyday waiter to a full-time freelancer

The first (random) freelancing business Daniel set up

Daniel's biggest ah-ha when it came to making money with his business

Why it's SO important to re-frame your thinking if you want to be successful

How is online business and Narnia related? Listen to Daniel's hilarious explanation

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Find out what Amy learned from traveling the world with Tony Robbins

Learn how she transitioned from a content manager to her social media marketing business

Learn what she found out behind the scenes of huge marketing launches

What you need to learn before jumping ship and quitting your 9-5

The main skills Amy took from her 9-5 to launch her own business

The trigger that told Amy she was no longer employable after 1 year of working for herself

How she overcame struggles when starting out as an entrepreneur

48 hour/7day challenge to design your perfect future

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$82,000 in debt?! How did Austin rack up that much debt?

The first step in figuring out your debt - it's easier than you think

How to attack your interest rate to cut down your debt FAST

Do you really need to cut out everything...including coffee? Austin breaks it down

The trap that is "avoiding" your debt

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Austin *gasp* loved his corporate job? Find out why he left anyway

How did Austin transition from working in oil & gas salesman into his own business?

What made Austin "flip the switch" and go all-in on his business?

Austin's BIG health scare and why it happened

Why Austin is SO hell-bent on leveraging systems and automation in his business

The importance of having a healthy money mindset

What would Austin's life look like if he didn't screw his 9-to-5?

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What's the one thing that helps eliminate entrepreneurial loneliness?

What factors should you look for in the people you allow into your mastermind?

What should the goal of your mastermind be?

Why rules are vital to the success of your mastermind.

How to weed out the people who aren't serious about success.

Structure: why you need it and how to implement it.

How long should your mastermind sessions be?

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When should you set up a formal LLC or other business identity?

The specifics of incorporating in the US: what to consider.

How we started, and what we recommend doing differently.

One of the biggest mistakes we made in the early days of our business.

How do you know if you've found a good accountant?

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How did Scott first dip his toes into online marketing?

Hear Scott explain how he dealt with information overwhelm and self-doubt.

What's the one thing that's had the greatest impact on his business?

What is the marathon mentality and why has it been so powerful for him?

How can you create a tsunami of momentum in your business?

How to be okay with fear and getting out of your comfort zone

Why comfort zones kill dreams

Does your first online business have to be your one and only?

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