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If there is one thing that I've learned over the last 3 years of running a business—or more so had hammered into my brain— it's that if you want to be successful with your online adventures... If you truly want to kick your 9-to-5 to the curb and create that lifestyle of freedom you daydream of while sitting at work... If you want to call the shots in your own life... Then you HAVE to make success a habit. I know, it sounds weird. I mean, how can success be a "habit"? But if you take a close look at the different habits successful people abide by, you'll see there is a common thread. Things like religious exercise routines, controlling their mindset, waking up early, surrounding themselves with other successful people, setting boundaries (and sticking to them!), and bouncing back quickly after a failure. Those are all habits and if you're itching to create success on your own terms, then you need to start incorporating some into your daily life. And if your mind is currently cycling through the many go-to excuses we alllll tend to resort to when considering making a positive change in our life, think of this... What would you rather have: A life that lights you up inside and makes you excited to get up in the morning, but requires some legwork (or ab work...depends on what day it is at the gym *wink*) OR a life that is safe and comfortable and let's be real...kinda boring! If you're giving the latter a big ol' thumbs down then you are going to dig today's episode, because we are breaking down the 5 biggest success habits that are currently rocking our whole damn world!

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If there is one thing we hear reeaaaallllly frequently is that people don't want to spend a ton of their time and energy working on creating something only to have it not sell


And we get it.


So here's 4 ways you can validate your idea and make sure that it's something people want to (and will) buy BEFORE you get started creating and promoting it.

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In this episode we're stoked to announce that we're refocusing our podcast to give you the training, the guidance and the advice you need to use the skills you have RIGHT NOW and transform them into a successful online business.

The fastest way to go from where you are today to creating a successful online business is to start with the skills you have right now from your 9-5 job and use that to make money online.

So tune in to learn the 3 steps you can take right now to start building your online business, and also how to figure out which online business model is right for you.

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Do you feel like you're constantly overcommitting yourself?
Many times we give too much of ourselves away to other people because we're afraid to say no. This sucks out our time, and our brainspace, that should be used for building business or moving us toward our goals.

In this episode you'll learn all about the power of learning to say "no."

Saying no to people is not selfish, and we'll tell you why.

Learn the 2 questions you must ask yourself before you say yes or no to anyone.

We'll also chat about the 3 reasons why saying no will transform your business and help you to stop giving too much of yourself away. So hit that button and press play so we can help you empower yourself and your business with the power of no.

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Be honest: Is there any part of you that would love to make or save or receive more money in 2015?

Come onnnnn we all want it!

I know I do!

But here's the thing...

Getting rich, creating wealth, or even making more money isn't just about working harder, putting in more hours or even coming up with the "next big thing".

It's about mindset and controlling your emotions.

I know, it sounds a little backwards.

In fact, if you had asked me at the beginning of last year what I thought the biggest contributing factor to making boat-loads of money is I would have told you "working harder".

Turns out I was dead wrong.

And it wasn't until I really started working on my money mindset that I started realizing that I had a lot of money blocks. Like, a LOT.

Wondering what the heck a money block is and how it relates to you not only creating wealth, but living your best life this 2015? Well then click play, and let's get this party started!

Of course you can always download the episode iniTunesorStitcher if that's more of your jam.

We're all about options around here!

And don't forget to tune in for a new episode every Thursday at 7am EST!

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