Screw The Nine To Five

Imagine what your life would look and feel like if you had a proven way to turn your everyday stress into wild SUCCESS.

I know. It sounds like clickbait, right?

And yet, it's 100% possible with the RIGHT approach.

In this week's episode of 'The Wealthy Course Creator Show,' I'm joined by an extraordinary guest, Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo, to discuss precisely that.

She's been called the 'head coach of happiness' by Shaq and has appeared on shows like 'The Today Show,' 'Good Morning, America,' and many more.

Dr. Elizabeth will be sharing tried and tested approaches to reframe the stress you have into your life and use it to fuel your SUCCESS.

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Key points 

- How to turn your stress into true success (00:00)

- Getting out of the red zone (01:47)

- How to overcome Imposter's Syndrome (11:47)

- Why it's so hard to get rid of stress (19:18)

- How to control your inner critic (23:39)

- Understanding how stress triggers work (33:10)

- The mindset shift you need to succeed (34:44)


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