Screw The Nine To Five

Know the one thing that seems to kick everyone in the you-know-what?


It can be a beatdown at times, can’t it? I mean, even when it's a good change that can change your life, it’s still hard to make it happen.

And that’s because our fantastic minds are designed to keep us safe. So as much as we say or even believe we want to make changes, our primal brain says, “ah hell naw, we need to stay over here where it’s safe and comfortable.

And behold, everything stays the same.

So if you are really ready to make real, sustainable changes in your life, where’s the best place to start?

There’s no one better to ask than Dr. Nicole Lapera.

Dr. Lapera, The Holistic Psychologist, joined me on this episode to walk us through why change is so hard, and how we can go about navigating it in a way that will help us make the lasting changes we really want in our lives.

So unless you enjoy beating your head against the wall trying to figure out why making changes is so damn hard, give this episode a listen. Dr. Lapera has expert guidance that will help you approach change in a new way so it can be just a bit easier.

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