Screw The Nine To Five

Imagine this, Scroupies...

You've been grinding it out in your business for what feels like eons, but you're not really getting anywhere.

There's barely any traffic coming in...

Your list isn't growing...

And worst of all, that bank balance of yours feels like it's dwindling.

Hello, stressful!

And so you make the tough call so many of us dread making: You decide you need to go back to the 9-to-5 to make ends meet.

Cue the feelings of defeat.

The thoughts of "who did I think I was anyways?".

This is it, Scroupies!

The third and final part to our organic visibility episode series...and we're rounding it out with the uber sexy topic of SEO.

Show Notes:

Ohhh ahhhh!

I know. It may not sound like the sexiest of topics, but you know what it is?

Powerful AF.


Because people. search. Google. A lot.

And if you know how to show up on Page 1, you can claim a huge chunk of free search traffic that is targeted and use it to fuel your business.

But how the eff do you do that and is SEO really "dying" like some people claim?


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So, remember how last week we talked about all things visibility?

And we started sharing our process for finding, pitching and landing guest posts to boost the exposure for your business?

Show Notes:

Well, this week we're going to build upon that bad boy and dive into one of our favourite visibility strategies...

Podcast interviews!

Because while guest posts are awe.some. for building attention, your list and links to your site that can feel a tad tedious.

Podcast interviews however are more time-friendly AND they allow new audiences to feel like they are getting to "know" you faster.

How do you find the right shows to pitch and how can you avoid the dreaded pitch slap?

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Visibility and attention.

Do you get enough of it for your business?

If you're listening to this episode, I'm guessing not.

Which is totally normal, btw!

In fact, we recently polled our free FB group and found out that nearly 70% of the people who participated in that poll were struggling to get the kind of traffic, visibility and attention they wanted to their site.

Show Notes:

And we get it.

I mean, damn, it's noisy online these days.

What's more is if you don't know how to land features, guest posts and interviews (and make the most of them for your business) it can be hard to stand out online and get the word out there on you and your business.

Which is exactly why we wanted to devote a series of episodes to all things visibility and attention.

Because let's face it: Attention is THE currency online, and if you don't know how to get it you may be left in the dust.

And we don't want that.

So in this episode we're kicking off the series with a strategy we used to not only get the word out there on the Screw in the early days, but it's how we built our first business as well!

What is it?

Guest posting. And more specifically, how to go about guest posting strategically.

Want some of that in your business?

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