Screw The Nine To Five

Here's the truth: we entrepreneurs have big (and sometimes scary) dreams and goals for our business and life. And yet so many of us get caught up in the "how" thinking we need to take all this BIG sexy action in order to get what we want and it couldn't be further from the truth. *record scratch* I know it sounds crazy!

Here's the thing though, big dreams aren't realized through big action. Big dreams are achieved by taking small, consistent, incremental steps that stack upon each other to build unstoppable momentum. But how do you do that? Tune in to find out.

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What ACTUALLY happens if you choose the wrong niche? Some people say it doesn't matter that much as long as you're a hard worker, while others suggest making sure you get it right before you start taking action.

In this episode, we brought on James Wedmore, founder of Business By Design to talk about how to nail your niche right from the beginning.

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Most people don't have a problem with commitment, they have a problem with over-commitment!

In this episode, find out why overcommitting could be causing overwhelm. Plus a simple strategy to help you decide what you CAN commit to so that you actually follow through.

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We're answering a question from a listener who asks, "I’ve had a business for a year but I’ve realized I don’t like it and I don’t think I want to be an entrepreneur....but I want to work online and have freedom — what would you suggest for someone like me?"

What if the first business you start happens to be the wrong business for you? We see this go down all the time and it's one of the biggest reasons why new entrepreneurs fail.

In this episode, Jill chats with Ryan Levesque from ASK Method who is a master at helping people choose the right business model for them.

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The media keeps telling us the job market is great right now, but is it really? If that were the case, why is it that whenever I talk to an Uber driver they almost always say they have a full time job?

Seems a little odd and in this episode, we'll be discussing this and what we believe the future holds when it comes to jobs and side hustles.

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We're answering a question from Stacy Babb who wrote, "HOW can I start my own affiliate marketing business while still getting paid by my nine to five? Keep in mind I have 2 little's under 3 and 2 elderly adults over 80 to support. I CANT let this keep passing me by.

PS. The hubs is down to jump on board. We just need to know where to jump!"

Lacking the confidence you need to become a more successful entrepreneur? You are not alone. In fact, this is the number 1 struggle for most people making the move to work for themselves.

That's why in this episode, we're bringing in confidence coach, Rachel Luna to offer some strategies to help you quickly become a more confident person.

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How many times have you asked someone to do something for you in your business, only to find yourself taking over the task? A virtual assistant can be a powerful addition to your team, however, they must be trained!

In this episode we go through a simple, 4-step training process anyone can use to train their virtual assistants.

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We're answering a question from Darien Chavez who wrote, "How did you decide what to cut out of your biz/life after (or preemptively) becoming parents and do you plan to raise your little guy to be an entrepreneur?

I’ve been struggling with this myself as my little guy is about to be 6 and wants to shoot YouTube videos. I’m torn between “Go for it!” and keeping him away from all the bad out there."

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We believe that 99% of online businesses should use affiliate marketing to drive additional revenue. Bold statement we know, but it's true!

In this episode, we break down 3 commonly overlooked ways to bring in affiliate revenue, without coming across pushy to your audience.

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"Don't accept criticism from someone you wouldn't take advice from." That's our motto when it comes to handling all the haters out there.

Listen in and find out the best ways to approach criticism when it comes your way.

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