Screw The Nine To Five

Do you ever think to yourself, “What the hell should I be doing in my business right now?”
Well, have we got the answer for YOU!
It depends. 
(You had to see that coming right? Lol don’t hurt us 🤣)
Here’s the truth: 
While we’d LOVE to give you this magical list of tasks that would bring you massive success, unless you know what season your business is in, our list might not be what you need. And friends don’t waste friends’ time.
So instead of handing over a bunch of tips and strategies that might not even work for where you are RIGHT NOW, let’s talk about the two seasons in your business — exploration and acceleration — and give you the DL on what you need to be doing in both of them.
Let’s do this. 

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Oh snap… the dreaded F word. 
Yep. We’re talking failure. 
Let’s be real — while it would be totally cool to hit the bullseye every single time (every launch a success, every offer absolutely perfect, every project a win… HA!), you and I both know that doesn’t happen. 
But here’s what most people won’t tell you: 
Those failures? They can actually be the very lessons that make you millions.
Don’t believe us? We’ll prove it ;) 
In this episode, we’re sharing our 5 BIGGEST failures that changed our business and made us millions. 
Let our pain be your gain, Or at the very least, let us help you avoid the mistakes we made (you're welcome). 

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We’re curious… 
What’s keeping you stuck in your 9-to-5?
If “money” just popped into your brain, you’re not alone. We talk to so many course creators who tell us that in order to leave their jobs, they’d need to be making $100k - $250K in order to go all in on their business. 
But you know what no one stops to ask? 
“Are my spending habits the thing that’s keeping me stuck in my soul-sucking job?” 
And that’s exactly what we’re diving into in this episode. 

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It’s really easy to let outside circumstances control your vibe. Especially in a year when life feels so out of control. 
But the truth is, the only person who controls your vibe is YOU. Which means YOU have the power to… 
Surround yourself with people you’re freakin’ obsessed with 
Let go of what doesn’t serve you 
Control what you consume (food, TV, social… all of it) 
Live the life you want to live 
… and that’s exactly what we learned when we decide to sell everything and leave Canada (yep, during a pandemic). 
Now before you tell us you can’t move… we totally get it. Not everyone can drop everything and move across the world. 
And the best part is you don’t HAVE to. You can build the life you want right where you are. We’ll prove it! Tune in!

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