Screw The Nine To Five

Imagine this: You have a passion for creating healthy food and products for your friends, family and loved ones…and when they try it, they actually like it!

So much so, you decide to see if others feel the same and you start hitting local markets…

And much to your surprise a company like WHOLE FOODS starts to notice what you've created.

I mean, it sounds like every creative's, baker's and maker's dream, doesn't it?

Until the sexy Whole Foods deal doesn't really turn out to be what you expected and you're sitting there scratching your head, wondering what is next.

Do you make something new?

Do you power through and chalk it all up to the entrepreneurial journey?

Do you *gasp* go back to a J.O.B?

That's exactly the situation Kirsty found herself in a few years back.

So, what does her business and life look like now…even without the Whole Foods deal?

Dive into this episode and see if you can relate to what Kirsty went through!

So by now you've likely heard us rave and rave (and rave!) about the power of Facebook Groups for your business and how to use them strategically to propel yours forward.

I mean, we've talked about it hereherehereherehere annnnnnnnd here!

So yeah, we're kinda big believers in the power of free communities and what it can do for a brand.

(In case you couldn't tell. *wink*)

But, what if you're the kinda Scroupie who doesn't want to run your own group…but still want to use them to grow your business?

If that sounds more like your entrepreneurial jam then I think you're gonna dig this episode.


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There comes a time in your business (probably sooner than later) where you're going to realize that you can't do it all by yourself.

I mean, let's keep it real: As your business starts to grow, there is going to be a bigger demand on your time.

And, well, it's damn near impossible to do it all on your own.

Hell, you shouldn't even think of doing it all on your own.

But when should you really start building a team, what roles should you be hiring for and how do you go about finding the right people?

In today's episode we're dishing on our experience building a team (which btw has been the most challenging thing we've ever done in our business) and making recommendations on who to hire for your team and WHEN to hire them.

From under $100k to over $500k we're covering the key positions we believe are necessary for most personality driven businesses.

Wanna know what that looks like?


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You've done it.

You've decided to go all in and make the transition from reluctant 9-to-5'er to an ambitious entrepreneur ready to take on the world and make your dreams a reality.

*high five*

Have you stopped to think about what that transition will look like though?

What I mean is, now that you've made the decision to go all in, what does your daily routine look like?

What measures should you put in place to ensure things don't go down hill?

How can you start bringing in some cash asap?

And who do you need to BE in order to build a sustainable business online?

That's exactly what we're jamming on in today's episode.

Itching to make the leap into full-time entrepreneurship?

You know what to do.