Screw The Nine To Five

“What if failure is the best thing that could happen to you? What if it was the redirection you needed? What if getting it wrong was the only way you could learn how to get it right...because it taught you a lesson you needed to learn…”


Be honest: When you were first starting your business, did the “F” word instill an overwhelming sense of fear in you? 


If you’re like me, the answer to that is “HELL YES IT DID!”. And if you’re also like me, you’ve likely failed your way to success. 


I mean, the amount of times Josh and I have fallen on our face is...well… too many to count! And yet, I am beyond grateful for everything we learned and all the pivots and tweaks that came out of those failures. 


And these days? We lean into failure because we know it’s the only way to get better. 


So how does one even start to reframe failure so we no longer resist it but WELCOME it? 


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Have you ever tried to launch your program with the intention of making allllll the money, impacting all the lives and having a blast doing it? 


Buuuuut then once you’re in the middle of it you feel depleted, exhausted, slightly triggered around money, worried you’ll fail and wondering how “they” all make launching look so easy...and hella profitable? 


You’re not the only one! Which is why I wanted to bring Launch Manager, Agency owner and total badass, Tasha Booth onto the show to jam on strategies, systems and mindset reframes you can use for your next launch to go bigger than ever before...without the ugly-crying and day-drinking.  


Sound like something you could get down with? Hit play and tune in!


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You have a choice in what you do AND don’t do. Often people pleasers will feel like they have to say yes when someone asks for help, otherwise they will be considered rude or selfish or mean if they say no. However, that is simply a belief YOU are choosing to stick with. It’s NOT the truth.” 

Let’s keep it really real: It is truly draining to focus all your time and energy on trying to please other people. 

The main reason being you will never please everyone. And secondary, it’s exhausting AF trying to do so. 

What’s more is when you operate from a place of bending to someone else’s demands, desires and expectations, you dismiss what truly matters to you and makes YOU happy. 

And since you’re the most important person in your business, it’s critical to prioritize your own energy and desires so you can operate from a full tank and make the dent on the world you’re here to make. 

So hoooowwww do you upgrade this behavior and habit? 

Listen in and discover 5 simple reframes and upgrades you can apply in your life to leave this tendency behind for good. 

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