Screw The Nine To Five

Find out what Amy learned from traveling the world with Tony Robbins

Learn how she transitioned from a content manager to her social media marketing business

Learn what she found out behind the scenes of huge marketing launches

What you need to learn before jumping ship and quitting your 9-5

The main skills Amy took from her 9-5 to launch her own business

The trigger that told Amy she was no longer employable after 1 year of working for


How she overcame struggles when starting out as an entrepreneur

48 hour/7day challenge to design your perfect future

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How can you determine if a business model will be highly lucrative?

Why did Mario and his wife opt for the medium of podcasting?

Why different is better than better!

How not to get hung up on what others are doing.

Two questions to ask yourself to carve out your niche.

How to stop selling yourself short.

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Why foster care was one of the best things to happen to Mario.

How did he first discover internet marketing?

What is massive imperfect action and how do you apply it to your business?

Why you’ll never be ready enough, and that’s okay.

What was one of the biggest game-changers for him?

Why an accountability partner is crucial.

What would he tell his younger self today if he could?

If he had never gotten into internet marketing what would his life be like now?

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The tell-tale signs of shiny object syndrome: how do you know if you have it?

How to flex your idea muscles, while still staying on track.

The foolproof way to gain momentum.

What's the difference between pivoting and shiny object syndrome?

What it means to pick and commit, and how to do it.

Once you choose a path how long should you follow it?

What does the term Pomodoro have to do with productivity?

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How can you avoid feeling guilty about caring for yourself?

How often should you do something for yourself?

The connection between a healthy body, a healthy mind, and a healthy business.

Why is it important to take breaks?

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How did Carrie create the Female Entrepreneur Association?

What advertising tricks did she use to get her business off the ground?

How to use momentum to avoid getting stuck.

What role does authenticity play in the success of your business?

Why you absolutely must be consistent.

Can anyone make it happen? Carrie answers.

Why it’s important to work on yourself.

What is the one thing that will change everything for you?

Why is it important to measure your progress?

How to get one thing done in your business every day.

Why it's so vital to make strategic use of your time.

How to make progress without a massive daily commitment!

What is the 30-day calendar challenge?

How to stop thinking too much, and start taking action.

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How to connect with people “above” you, even if you’re shy.

What’s #1 reason you’re afraid to connect with entrepreneurs you respect?

Why approaching people with the right intention is absolutely key.

Three different types of approaches, and which is best!

Can you become a connector even if you’re shy?

The importance of doing your homework.

Why you need to also network “down”.

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What is the strongest predictor of success?

The secret to job security – in any industry.

How did Jordan discover his superpower?

What made Jordan want to start the Art of Charm?

Getting and sustaining momentum in your side gig.

Jordan’s best advice for when to go full-time into your side gig.

Why today’s education system does not produce entrepreneurs.

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What are the advantages of Facebook groups over pages?

Why is the organic reach for pages decreasing right now?

How to avoid paying for reach on Facebook.

The different types of groups and which one you should create.

What should be in your pinned post and why.

How to grow your Facebook group.

Is it important to consistently push your Facebook group link?

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Why Facebook ads are the #1 thing we spend money on!

How Facebook ads can generate more organic traffic for you.

Where should you start with Facebook ads?

What to do BEFORE you start spending money on paid traffic.

What is the other absolutely essential thing to spend money on?

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What Jason was doing before he started his fitness biz.

The importance of sales skills for ANYTHING you do.

What gave him the confidence to finally make the leap.

Why Jason is totally afraid of faux hawks.

How to discover where your passion lies.

Advice if you want to leave your job, but aren’t sure what to do.

How to rekindle your old passions.

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Create and execute your first sales funnel – it’s so simple!

How to create lead magnets, and why you should have a few.

Different types of lead magnets you can create.

What does “joining the church” mean?

Ideas for Introductory Offers and why you need one.

What should you put in your “indoc” email?

How to upgrade customers to your Core Offer.

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