Screw The Nine To Five

Can you imagine giving up a cushy $160,000/year job to make a few bucks a month selling on eBay?

To us webpreneurs it might not sound crazy, but imagine telling a 9-to-5'er.

Picture their reaction.

I giggle just thinking about it.

Now imagine the immense satisfaction you would feel a few short years later when your online income far surpasses your day job, you own SIX profitable e-commerce stores, and your lifestyle becomes one of freedom and choice.

That's the journey today's couple, Tess and Nathan, have been on for the last few years and today they are breaking down the power of niche e-commerce stores, the people they've been able to help, and the lifestyle they've been able to create.

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Confession: When Josh and I decided to go into business together nearly 3 years ago (wow! That snuck up fast!) we did everything the hard way.

We didn't really consider time management. Improving our productivity never even dawned on us. And we were pretty much flying by the seat of our pants.

Hell, it was a struggle to even get me to consider using Google Drive!

I know. What was I thinking?

Skip ahead nearly 3 years and we are alllllll about the tools. So we wanted to share the love and knowledge, and break down 7 of our most favourite tools that we use in our business so far.

Ready to get all productive up in here? Click that sexy little play button; CAN YOU TAKE IT FROM HERE?

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You know how last week we talked about money, or more specifically, how to communicate when it's tight? Well this week, we are going to take that to the next level and have brought in two of the big guns -Bari and Forest Linden!

These two are not only building an empire around money consciousness, but they are breaking down how they communicate together in their relationship and how they came together to form an online community of money lovers.

There are some mad takeaways in this episode and this conversation even prompted yet another D and M between Josh and I after we got off Skype with these two.

Yeah. They are THAT good.

So go on, click that play button at the top, or download this episode in iTunes or Stitcher if you want to be all fancy about it. And if you're picking up what we're laying down then we would love it if you would leave a review in iTunes for us! Not sure how to do it? This should help!

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Words of Wisdom in This Week's Podcast:

  • The transformation that prompted Bari and Forest to join forces after 13 years
  • The benefits of being unemployable
  • Bari and Forest's unique business model
  • The power of getting clear on money and your finances
  • Bari and Forest's "money dates" and how they have shaped their relationship
  • How to determine your strengths in your relationship and business
  • Their biggest piece of advice for any couple wanting to get started in business


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Is there an art to money and communication? Find out in this inspiring talk all about money, love, and communication!


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Today we're going to get a little DM (that's short for deep and meaningful, my friend!) and talk about a topic that makes most people feel a litttttttle bit uncomfortable.


There is no doubt in my mind that you have experienced the tension that comes when money is tight. Like a full moon, sh*t gets a little upside-down when your financial cushion starts slipping away.

Now, when Josh and I got started in business we were lucky enough to have a decent sized cushion, but it turns out that running your business can cost quite a bit in the early stages. Within our first 12 months we had blown through that cash and boy did things start getting tense up in the Stanton household.

Thankfully are more flush than hobo these days, but from this experience we have learned some massively valuable lessons when it comes to communicating about money in a healthy, mature manner that avoids the possibility of lingering resentment.

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Words of Wisdom in This Week's Podcast:

  • How to approach the money conversation with a cool, calm, collected head
  • The ultimate software apps you can use to keep track of your finances (hot tip: it helps when tax season rolls around too!)
  • What are your priorities? Here are a few reasons you need to keep them in check
  • Show us your tiiiippppssss tip of the day

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Is money making you tense? Communicate about it the right way with these Stanton-approved strategies!


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We all know an entrepreneur or two or twenty! But how many families do you know that are all entrepreneurs? Chances are, not many. In fact, if you know another family of entrepreneurs then you're going to need to share that in the comment section below STAT.

On this awesome Couples Spotlight, were jazzed to be speaking with Natalie and Mike Hixson because they may just be the most interesting weve spoken to yet and let me tell you, weve chatted with some pretty bad ass couples!

Like I said, this entire family is entrepreneurial. We are talking entrepreneurs on both sides of Natalie's family, both Natalie and Mike, and even their 10 year old daughter, Enya!

Whhaaaaat!!! If that is not inspiring, then you all are whack.

These high school sweethearts had an interesting path to couple-preneurship. From ditching 9-5 and poor first product launches to getting inspiration from power couple Melanie and Devin Duncan, they have had quite the ride. Best part is, they are instilling their wisdom on their children.

Kids do not have that inhibition or that fear that someone is going to tell them no because kids are used to being told no by their parents. They just keep pushing anyway, so I was like let us focus this into business. If you can figure out how to deal with that. No now and the failures now that happen, and that failure is only a step in the right direction, then what are you going to do when you are 20? Natalie Hixson

So without further ado, why dont you go ahead and click play at the top of the page, download this in iTunes or listen on Stitcher to find out how this family rocks it.If you like what you hear, be sure to give us a 5 star rating or leave a review!

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Words of Wisdom in This Week Podcast:

  • A little bit about these high school sweethearts entrepreneurial beginnings
  • How Melanie and Devin Duncan inspired their Entrepreneur Kids Academy and the advice they did not listen too (oops!)
  • How a business coach helped them overcome some of their limiting beliefs and business obstacles
  • Dishing all about Entrepreneur Kids Academy
  • The winning way they have structured their biz
  • The goose bump inducing wisdom Natalie shared about teaching kids to be entrepreneurial
  • How building boundaries increased their productivity
  • One piece of advice they had give to another couple wanting to go into business

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