Screw The Nine to Five

Know the one thing that seems to kick everyone in the you-know-what?


It can be a beatdown at times, can’t it? I mean, even when it's a good change that can change your life, it’s still hard to make it happen.

And that’s because our fantastic minds are designed to keep us safe. So as much as we say or even believe we want to make changes, our primal brain says, “ah hell naw, we need to stay over here where it’s safe and comfortable.

And behold, everything stays the same.

So if you are really ready to make real, sustainable changes in your life, where’s the best place to start?

There’s no one better to ask than Dr. Nicole Lapera.

Dr. Lapera, The Holistic Psychologist, joined me on this episode to walk us through why change is so hard, and how we can go about navigating it in a way that will help us make the lasting changes we really want in our lives.

So unless you enjoy beating your head against the wall trying to figure out why making changes is so damn hard, give this episode a listen. Dr. Lapera has expert guidance that will help you approach change in a new way so it can be just a bit easier.

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When the conversation around systemic racism came to the forefront in 2020 a lot of entrepreneurs started scrambling trying to figure out how to navigate this new level of awareness...myself included. 


I remember having my eyes opened in a whole new way and realizing how blind I had been to just how prevalent systemic racism had been (hell, still IS) in our society. And during that time I also found myself feeling nervous to speak up because I didn’t want to “get it wrong”. 


Can you relate to that? 


If you still find yourself in this mode of trying to educate yourself on how systemic racism and inequity is baked into our modern world (just like I am) then today’s guest is going to serve as a giant beacon of wisdom. 


Trudi Lebron has been serving the social justice space for years and has been a vocal advocate helping entrepreneurs create anti-racist businesses, and today she’s on the show to shine a light on 3 common marketing mistakes so many entrepreneurs make when trying to be anti-racist. 


This conversation is an eye-opener and delivers specific and tactical strategies you can incorporate into your business as you evolve into a more conscious, just and compassionate entrepreneur. 


Want to know what those 3 mistakes are? Hit play and let’s dive into this powerful conversation.  Read the full show notes:



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“What if failure is the best thing that could happen to you? What if it was the redirection you needed? What if getting it wrong was the only way you could learn how to get it right...because it taught you a lesson you needed to learn…”


Be honest: When you were first starting your business, did the “F” word instill an overwhelming sense of fear in you? 


If you’re like me, the answer to that is “HELL YES IT DID!”. And if you’re also like me, you’ve likely failed your way to success. 


I mean, the amount of times Josh and I have fallen on our face is...well… too many to count! And yet, I am beyond grateful for everything we learned and all the pivots and tweaks that came out of those failures. 


And these days? We lean into failure because we know it’s the only way to get better. 


So how does one even start to reframe failure so we no longer resist it but WELCOME it? 


Hit play and allow me to jam on that! Read the full show notes:





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Have you ever tried to launch your program with the intention of making allllll the money, impacting all the lives and having a blast doing it? 


Buuuuut then once you’re in the middle of it you feel depleted, exhausted, slightly triggered around money, worried you’ll fail and wondering how “they” all make launching look so easy...and hella profitable? 


You’re not the only one! Which is why I wanted to bring Launch Manager, Agency owner and total badass, Tasha Booth onto the show to jam on strategies, systems and mindset reframes you can use for your next launch to go bigger than ever before...without the ugly-crying and day-drinking.  


Sound like something you could get down with? Hit play and tune in!


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You have a choice in what you do AND don’t do. Often people pleasers will feel like they have to say yes when someone asks for help, otherwise they will be considered rude or selfish or mean if they say no. However, that is simply a belief YOU are choosing to stick with. It’s NOT the truth.” 

Let’s keep it really real: It is truly draining to focus all your time and energy on trying to please other people. 

The main reason being you will never please everyone. And secondary, it’s exhausting AF trying to do so. 

What’s more is when you operate from a place of bending to someone else’s demands, desires and expectations, you dismiss what truly matters to you and makes YOU happy. 

And since you’re the most important person in your business, it’s critical to prioritize your own energy and desires so you can operate from a full tank and make the dent on the world you’re here to make. 

So hoooowwww do you upgrade this behavior and habit? 

Listen in and discover 5 simple reframes and upgrades you can apply in your life to leave this tendency behind for good. 

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So here’s the deal: at some point in your business (probs more than once), you’re going to feel like giving up. (Trust’s just the way it goes.)

You find yourself thinking, “F this — this BLOWS. Why the hell did I quit my job for THIS?

The thing is, feeling like that doesn’t mean it’s time to throw in the towel and go back to working for Kevin, whose passion and vision lies in middle management.

It just means you’re bucking up against hard times. 

But that isn’t an excuse to bail on what you really, really want.

So how do you push back the urge to go back to what you think will be easier (and spoiler alert: it won’t be) and keep on truckin’?

That’s just what we’re diving into on this episode (so it’s a good thing you showed up)! Read the full show notes:


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From Army Platoon leader in Iraq, to top rated podcast host and now author. John Lee Dumas (JLD) talks to Josh about his new book which is a 17 step roadmap to financial freedom and fulfilment. JLD based this on the collective genius of the 3,000 interviews he’s done with top entrepreneurs over the past decade. He’s boiled down all of these interviews and shares the 17 core foundational principles that ALL these entrepreneurs have. Wanna know what they are? Grab your ear buds and listen in!




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Selling gets such a bad rap, you know? Just saying the word can make you feel slimy, desperate, and needy. 

But the thing is… selling can actually be a good thing when you hit it from the right angle. (I mean, you are a business owner after all. You gotta sell.) 

Now, if you’re selling something you don’t believe in, of course it’s going to feel gross. #duh

But when you have the perfect solution to people’s problems and approach it in the right way, how you (and your people) feel about sales totally changes.

So how do you make that shift so you can start feeling awesome about it — and become a sales ninja? 

We’ve got the goods inside this episode!


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Do ya ever wish that someone could just… lay it all out for ya? 

You know, this whole “sell your course” thing. Sure, you see the big names having epic success, but what about people who are in YOUR stage of business? 

Isn’t there someone who’s willing to spill the deets on what it ACTUALLY takes to create and launch a successful course when you don’t have hundreds of thousands to spend on ads or an entire team to support you?

Um… yes. 

We’ve interviewed 8 of them. And they’re spilling all of the deets on the simple sales strategy they used to take their course from idea to success. 

You’re welcome ;) Read the full show notes: 457



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If you listen to just ONE thing we tell you about launching your course or membership, let it be this...

Create a virtual experience for your launch.

Why? Because it’s one of the BEST ways to build attention and excitement for your promo. And let’s be real… offering the same tired old freebies is boring AF (you know it’s true).

Just ask Caitlin and Jessica, who kicked some serious ass in their launch using our very own Facebook pop-up group strategy. 

Caitlin hopped onto the show to tell us all about it.

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So you know a bunch of really great stuff and have some kick-ass experience that could help change lives, but you’re not sure where to start.

May we recommend creating your Signature course?

And if you’re saying, “Well, Josh & Jill, that sounds great, but what the hell does that mean and how do I do it?”

Well, that’s exactly why we decided to devote an entire episode of our podcast to give you the rundown on why selling your Signature program is SO effective.

Know what’s even better? We’re also giving you a step-by-step process on how to actually DO it.

Aren’t we sweet? (spoiler alert: we totally are)

So, are you ready to get the jump start on how you can bring a little bit of your brilliance to this world?  

Then let’s get started!

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Wanna know what one of the biggest mistakes is when it comes to hiring someone for your biz?

Waiting until you’re already in the weeds to do it.

Happens all.the.time.

People keep thinking they can do ALL the things themselves, then find themselves stressed-out, desperate, and overwhelmed.

Guess what happens when you make decisions from those places?

They’re gonna be total crap.

So let’s do something else, shall we?

Instead of waiting until the shit’s hit the fan, let’s come up with a solid plan so you know exactly when it’s time to hire someone and what you need to do about it.

Grab a pen and hop on this episode and we’ll show you the ropes!

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Can you replace your income in the first 12 months of business?

Survey says: YES!

Well, that’s the short answer, at least.  

It’s totally possible IF you’re serious about making it happen (AKA if you stop looking for magical shortcuts and ditch the “OMFG I NEED THIS TO WORK NOW” mentality).

Wondering what that really looks like? You’re in luck because that’s what we’re diving into in this episode!

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We’re curious… when’s the last time you tried something NEW in your business? 
Is it bringing in new peeps?
Getting you hella organized?
Saving you some serious cash?
If you’re like, “Um, no, I’m just doing the same ol’ same,” then you’re going to want to pop in your earbuds and turn the volume up. 
Because we recently added 5 things to our business that changed the game for us — and we know you’re gonna love at least one of ‘em, too.

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Have you ever felt that tug to do something more? But then you just… don’t do it. 
Come on. Be honest. We KNOW you know what we’re talking about. 
At first, it’s a small nudge that’s easy to push away. You wonder if it’s just your old friend self-sabotage popping in to distract you from your current path (theeee worst). 
It’s safer to just keep chugging along, right? 
HA. Wrong. Because here’s the truth: you can’t ignore that nudge forever. When your soul knows it’s time to level up in your life and business, it’s as impatient AF. 
So what do you do when it’s go-time, but your brain keeps making excuses to stay put? Well, aren’t you the lucky one… that’s exactly what we’re unpacking in this episode.

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Do you ever think to yourself, “What the hell should I be doing in my business right now?”
Well, have we got the answer for YOU!
It depends. 
(You had to see that coming right? Lol don’t hurt us 🤣)
Here’s the truth: 
While we’d LOVE to give you this magical list of tasks that would bring you massive success, unless you know what season your business is in, our list might not be what you need. And friends don’t waste friends’ time.
So instead of handing over a bunch of tips and strategies that might not even work for where you are RIGHT NOW, let’s talk about the two seasons in your business — exploration and acceleration — and give you the DL on what you need to be doing in both of them.
Let’s do this. 

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Oh snap… the dreaded F word. 
Yep. We’re talking failure. 
Let’s be real — while it would be totally cool to hit the bullseye every single time (every launch a success, every offer absolutely perfect, every project a win… HA!), you and I both know that doesn’t happen. 
But here’s what most people won’t tell you: 
Those failures? They can actually be the very lessons that make you millions.
Don’t believe us? We’ll prove it ;) 
In this episode, we’re sharing our 5 BIGGEST failures that changed our business and made us millions. 
Let our pain be your gain, Or at the very least, let us help you avoid the mistakes we made (you're welcome). 

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We’re curious… 
What’s keeping you stuck in your 9-to-5?
If “money” just popped into your brain, you’re not alone. We talk to so many course creators who tell us that in order to leave their jobs, they’d need to be making $100k - $250K in order to go all in on their business. 
But you know what no one stops to ask? 
“Are my spending habits the thing that’s keeping me stuck in my soul-sucking job?” 
And that’s exactly what we’re diving into in this episode. 

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It’s really easy to let outside circumstances control your vibe. Especially in a year when life feels so out of control. 
But the truth is, the only person who controls your vibe is YOU. Which means YOU have the power to… 
Surround yourself with people you’re freakin’ obsessed with 
Let go of what doesn’t serve you 
Control what you consume (food, TV, social… all of it) 
Live the life you want to live 
… and that’s exactly what we learned when we decide to sell everything and leave Canada (yep, during a pandemic). 
Now before you tell us you can’t move… we totally get it. Not everyone can drop everything and move across the world. 
And the best part is you don’t HAVE to. You can build the life you want right where you are. We’ll prove it! Tune in!

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