Screw The Nine To Five

What was Yanick Silver doing before he became a world-changin’ entrepenur?

What is Evolved Enterprise? How Yanick’s book is shaking things up and bringin’ back the soul!

We’re talkin’ meaning, profit, and entrepreneurship which makes a difference

How to find your why, unlock your calling, and create a business around your truest self

Why you need to get intrigued about what you love, and learn how to leverage it

Keep it real! How (and why) to connect with people authentically

What is the psychology behind selling, and which mediums can help you use it?

Scared of tech? How to make IT your bitch and get to work where it counts

Process not profits! How to use your skills and vision for long-term gain

Want a cyber-family? How to build a  community by curating great content

The power of following up. How are you getting into your audience’s minds?

Not comfortable hustling on your boss's time? Use these tactics to get around it

What is time hacking and how can it help you?

Lunch breaks and drive time. How to bring the efficiency and up productivity!

Why you need to love what you do. Is it time to find a different side hustle?

How to know your client value, and stop fearing early mornings and late nights

Wanna work from home? Nick's top tips for negotiating a flexible work schedule

How to put yourself out there, take a risk, and fight for opportunities

  • How the Screw the 9-5 business model and case studies can help YOU
  • What is the ultimate online business model? We’re breakin it down!
  • The five steps you need to know about- and how to implement each of them
  • Find your fanatics! How to research your niche, audience and products to generate some mad insights - but why you shouldn’t overdo it
  • Content is king- as is medium? How to make and share content which resonates
  • The law of reciprocity- how, when and why to give away content
  • The low down on  sales funnel. How to create read, lead and core offerings
  • The differences between free and paid promotion, and how to use them all
  • Build yourself a loyal audience using these killer tips!
  • What is your blueprint? We chat staying accountable and measuring goals
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  • Why you need to prioritize your time and set some email boundries
  • How to automate, systemize and organize your inbox- and the tools to do it
  • Getting the same questions over and over? You need this software
  • Why you gotta cut back on personalized responses- and how to do it
  • How to direct users to the right info with an FAQ section
  • Upsell you knowledge! How to use emails as part of the sales funnel
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  • How did Lewis transform himself from couch-crasher to dream-chaser?
  • What is Lewis’ book ‘The School of Greatness’ about, and how can it help you?
  • We talk progression, the pursuit of happiness and why dreams can be painful
  • Who are you, really? How to stop living for others and chase your own dreams
  • Dreams change! We talk recognising burnout and adapting your vision
  • How to tackle your fears and continually sharpen your craft. We bring the heat!
  • Struggling to achieve greatness alone? We’re breakin’ down the importance of mentorship, accountability and finding your tribe
  • How emotionally fit and intelligent are you? Lewis explains how to meet people where they're at- and why it's important
  • What are you willing to sacrifice to achieve your vision? How to embrace challenges and trust your struggle
  • How are you reaching and serving other people? We talk meaning, purpose and finding your ‘why’
  • Lewis shares his top tips and practical exercises for defining and achieving your vision
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  • Need to make some quick cash on the side? Nick shares his badass ideas
  • How to find the right side hustle for you based on your goals, skills and situation
  • Not all side hustles are created equal. We chat pros and cons of different ventures
  • Sharing is caring! Nick talks share-economy-hustles with low overheads
  • Time to use your skills? Here’s why freelancing might just rock your world
  • What's the best way to build your portfolio, and how should you scale up?
  • Nick shares his one killer tip for driving traffic to your side hustle

  • What are the three stages of business for bootstrapping entrepreneurs?
  • Stair stepping and life-time value… say whaaaat?! We’re breakin’ down the jargon
  • What is a SaaS business model, anyway?
  • How to stretch limited profitability into a lucrative rinse and repeat strategy
  • How to evaluate a customer’s Life Time Value, and why you really need to!
  • Churn baby, churn? We talk churn and retention rates- and what it all means
  • Become a retention master with these top tips for growing a community
  • Need more continuity? We bring the tiered service level and membership heat
  • The one killer piece of software that will help your continuity
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