Screw The Nine To Five

Personal brands.

You see 'em everywhere online and we've all got a few favourites that we follow religiously.

(Come on, admit it!)

But have you ever asked yourself what it takes to build a really successful personal brand?

You know, the kinda personal brand that truly stands out amongst all the noise online AND isn't a flash in the pan success?

Well, that's exactly what Chris Ducker is dedicated to teaching entrepreneurs to build and today he's on the show breaking down the four things every online personal brand needs to focus on!

Wanna know what they are?

Scroll onnnn up and give ‘er a listen!

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There's a certain kinda freedom that comes when you're business works FOR YOU, instead of the other way around.

I mean, imagine not having to worry about when the next sale is coming in!

Imaging not having to stress if you'll be able to pay your expenses AND YOURSELF this month!

And imagine having an automated system in place that allows you to put your list building on auto-pilot and wow your audience (with training so good they will think they paid for it) while you travel the world.

This isn't a pipe dream.

This is Elise Darma's (one of our beloved Screw U members) life.

And today she's on the podcast to share her best secrets for creating an automated webinar that converts so well it's completely changed her business and life!

Think automated webinars are dead?

Think again.

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Eeeeek! I'm not gonna lie, Scroupies…

I've been a tad nervous for this episode to air.


Because this week Josh and I are baring it all and talking about 3 things we got really wrong in our business.

And by 3, I mean 4 because I added in another one as we were shooting. *wince*

It's not always easy admitting this kinda stuff, but we're big believers in keeping it transparent and sharing what REALLY goes on behind the scenes.

Even if it makes me want to pour a tall glass of gin.

Instead of doing that though, I'll just zip it and let you dive in.

Ready to do this thing?

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Hands up if you want to make more (hell, ANY) passive income in your business!

I mean, who doesn’t!

After all, “passive income” is the thing online business dreams are made of!

And yet, there are so many entrepreneurs who just aren’t taking advantage of the plethora (yes, PLETHORA) of opportunities they have to generate that sweet, sweet passive income without always having to sell, sell, sell…and then sell some more.

If that’s you I think you’re gonna dig this episode!


Because this week Josh and I are jamming on 3 easy-to-implement passive income strategies really successful online businesses use and how you can get started with them.

Ready to ramp up that revenue?

You know what to do.


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Ahhhh "having it all". 

It’s the dream, isn’t it?

To have everything you’ve ever wanted and have it all feel balanced and in the flow.

*happy sigh*

For so long I wondered if this was actually possible.

I mean, I had friends who had it all, but when it came to ME having it all I would always think to myself “nah, maybe one day”.

Such destructive thinking.

Fast-forward to today and I truly feel like I finally “have it all”.

What’s more is I didn’t make any monumental changes in my life.

We didn’t all of a sudden come into a huge windfall of cash.

We just made one simple change.

Wanna know what it was? 

Hit play. 

I'm just gonna come out and say it, Scroupies…

You're probably losing money in your business right now and you don't even know it!

*insert stunned emoji*

And while that is legit one of the last things we entrepreneurs want to hear, it's important to examine the revenue generating opportunities we may be missing out on.

After all, we all work so hard for the revenue we do make that when you realize you’re actually losing cash (or missing out on having more of it) it kinda stings, am I right? 

Well, allow us to help you fix that!


By breaking down where you might be losing money AND how to fix it so you can stop losing cash and start making more of it.

Need that in your life?

Scroll up and that play button!

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I'm not gonna lie, I'm excited for today's episode!

*confetti toss*


Because today we are chatting with one of our fellow Screw U members, Michael Kelly about what it really takes to build a successful SAAS (a.k.a. software as a service) business in under 2 years.

What's more is Michael is sharing how he's done it alongside his wife, Erin (without wanting to kill each other), their toddler and while travelling across the country in an RV.

Yeah, seriously.

If you've ever considered branching out of the online courses, membership sites and coaching world and doing something different, I think you're gonna want to scroll on up the page and give this bad boy a listen!

Obvious statement alert: It is noisy AF in the online business world.

From marketers dominating your newsfeed with big, bold promises to your inbox overflowing with the latest launch of the month, it can feel daunting (and let's be real, a tad overwhelming) trying to figure out how you and your business can stand out and make a splash.

That is, unless you have someone like Bushra Azhar in your corner.


Because this woman is a motha effin' genius when it comes to positioning your offers in a way that makes people trip over themselves running to get their credit cards to buy your stuff.


And in this episode Bushra is breaking down how to create “raging UTI” worthy offers people can't stop thinking about.

If you just had an “ummmm WTF are you talking about?” moment then I want you to stop what you're doing, scroll up this page and hit that play button.

Because this episode is too good to miss!

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I know. We’ve been talking aaaaaa LOT about Facebook Groups.

But we have a good reason!

You see, when it comes to building a rabid audience of believers, we truly believe (based on our experience over the last 3 years) there is no better way to do that than with a FB Group.

And yet, when it comes to running a group (and marketing inside it), there are some pretty common mistakes we see group owners making.

So we wanted to use this episode to call out these common mistakes and give you some strategies to fix ‘em so you can amp up your group game.

Ready to dive in?

Hit play!

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When it comes to building an audience of believers and marketing your business online, there is one strategy we are die-hard believers in.

What is it?

Facebook Groups.

And while, yes, we know FB Groups aren't for everyone, they can be absolutely monumental to the growth of your business.

Which is why we wanted to use this episode to jam on why we believe starting a free Facebook Group for your brand should be one of your biggest priorities in your business if you want to build a loyal audience of lifers.

Craving that kind of connection with your audience and a dedicated marketing channel for your business, that doesn't feel like a "marketing channel"?

Scroll on up, hit play and let's dive in!

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I'm not gonna lie, if there is one thing I love it's shining a spotlight on tenacious (and creative) entrepreneurs who never give up no matter how hard the journey may get.

I mean, let's keep it real: This world of entrepreneurship can be challenging (to say the least) and I always find it encouraging and inspiring to hear how other entrepreneurs have persevered through the ups and downs.

And today is no exception.

Because in this episode we're bringing our homie (and fellow Screw U member), Michael Kilpatrick onto the show to talk about how he transitioned his sustainable farming business into a lucrative online brand.

Wanna know what his journey has looked like and what he's learned along the way?

Scroll on up and hit play!

Pop quiz time: What do you think is the ONE thing every single online entrepreneur needs to grow and scale their business?

Go ahead and guess. I'll wait.

*taps foot and waits*

Spoiler alert: It's traffic.

And not just "fork over the cash for FB ads" kinda traffic.

This kind of traffic is free and sustainable.

Best of all, we're giving you 3 easy-to-execute strategies you can implement into your, yesterday!

Need that?

Scroll up, pop in some earphones and hit play!

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Okay, I’mma just come out and say it: I was a tiiiinnny bit unsure of what to expect when going to record this episode.

After all, Derek Halpern is known as one hell of an outspoken entrepreneur who ain’t afraid to say how he really feels.

And yet, he’s a wildly-successful and whip-smart entrepreneur full of stories and insights that will keep you entertained for hours!

What’s more is he’s joining me on the podcast this week and sharing 5 of his biggest life lessons for success.

I’m not gonna lie, this is easily one of my favourite conversations I’ve had in a while as it’s packed with valuable takeaways, entertaining stories and of course, some signature Halpern sassiness.

Curious to know what those 5 life lessons are?

Click play!

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Well, it happened, Scroupies...

Our little guy, Kai officially made his debut 6-ish weeks ago and we’ve been soaking up all the baby sounds, snuggles and sweet, sweet sleep we possibly can!

I’m not gonna lie, this guy has flipped our lives upside down in the best possible way!

What’s more is he’s inspired some pretty big shifts in our business in such a short amount of time.

Shifts that were kinda unexpected, and yet at the same time, oh-so-welcomed.

So we thought we would pull back the curtain and share ‘em with you guys to see if you can relate to any of them.

Ready to dive in?

Hit play!

Imagine this: You have a passion for creating healthy food and products for your friends, family and loved ones…and when they try it, they actually like it!

So much so, you decide to see if others feel the same and you start hitting local markets…

And much to your surprise a company like WHOLE FOODS starts to notice what you've created.

I mean, it sounds like every creative's, baker's and maker's dream, doesn't it?

Until the sexy Whole Foods deal doesn't really turn out to be what you expected and you're sitting there scratching your head, wondering what is next.

Do you make something new?

Do you power through and chalk it all up to the entrepreneurial journey?

Do you *gasp* go back to a J.O.B?

That's exactly the situation Kirsty found herself in a few years back.

So, what does her business and life look like now…even without the Whole Foods deal?

Dive into this episode and see if you can relate to what Kirsty went through!

So by now you've likely heard us rave and rave (and rave!) about the power of Facebook Groups for your business and how to use them strategically to propel yours forward.

I mean, we've talked about it hereherehereherehere annnnnnnnd here!

So yeah, we're kinda big believers in the power of free communities and what it can do for a brand.

(In case you couldn't tell. *wink*)

But, what if you're the kinda Scroupie who doesn't want to run your own group…but still want to use them to grow your business?

If that sounds more like your entrepreneurial jam then I think you're gonna dig this episode.


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There comes a time in your business (probably sooner than later) where you're going to realize that you can't do it all by yourself.

I mean, let's keep it real: As your business starts to grow, there is going to be a bigger demand on your time.

And, well, it's damn near impossible to do it all on your own.

Hell, you shouldn't even think of doing it all on your own.

But when should you really start building a team, what roles should you be hiring for and how do you go about finding the right people?

In today's episode we're dishing on our experience building a team (which btw has been the most challenging thing we've ever done in our business) and making recommendations on who to hire for your team and WHEN to hire them.

From under $100k to over $500k we're covering the key positions we believe are necessary for most personality driven businesses.

Wanna know what that looks like?


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You've done it.

You've decided to go all in and make the transition from reluctant 9-to-5'er to an ambitious entrepreneur ready to take on the world and make your dreams a reality.

*high five*

Have you stopped to think about what that transition will look like though?

What I mean is, now that you've made the decision to go all in, what does your daily routine look like?

What measures should you put in place to ensure things don't go down hill?

How can you start bringing in some cash asap?

And who do you need to BE in order to build a sustainable business online?

That's exactly what we're jamming on in today's episode.

Itching to make the leap into full-time entrepreneurship?

You know what to do.

Imagine this, Scroupies...

You've been grinding it out in your business for what feels like eons, but you're not really getting anywhere.

There's barely any traffic coming in...

Your list isn't growing...

And worst of all, that bank balance of yours feels like it's dwindling.

Hello, stressful!

And so you make the tough call so many of us dread making: You decide you need to go back to the 9-to-5 to make ends meet.

Cue the feelings of defeat.

The thoughts of "who did I think I was anyways?".

This is it, Scroupies!

The third and final part to our organic visibility episode series...and we're rounding it out with the uber sexy topic of SEO.

Show Notes:

Ohhh ahhhh!

I know. It may not sound like the sexiest of topics, but you know what it is?

Powerful AF.


Because people. search. Google. A lot.

And if you know how to show up on Page 1, you can claim a huge chunk of free search traffic that is targeted and use it to fuel your business.

But how the eff do you do that and is SEO really "dying" like some people claim?


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So, remember how last week we talked about all things visibility?

And we started sharing our process for finding, pitching and landing guest posts to boost the exposure for your business?

Show Notes:

Well, this week we're going to build upon that bad boy and dive into one of our favourite visibility strategies...

Podcast interviews!

Because while guest posts are awe.some. for building attention, your list and links to your site that can feel a tad tedious.

Podcast interviews however are more time-friendly AND they allow new audiences to feel like they are getting to "know" you faster.

How do you find the right shows to pitch and how can you avoid the dreaded pitch slap?

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Visibility and attention.

Do you get enough of it for your business?

If you're listening to this episode, I'm guessing not.

Which is totally normal, btw!

In fact, we recently polled our free FB group and found out that nearly 70% of the people who participated in that poll were struggling to get the kind of traffic, visibility and attention they wanted to their site.

Show Notes:

And we get it.

I mean, damn, it's noisy online these days.

What's more is if you don't know how to land features, guest posts and interviews (and make the most of them for your business) it can be hard to stand out online and get the word out there on you and your business.

Which is exactly why we wanted to devote a series of episodes to all things visibility and attention.

Because let's face it: Attention is THE currency online, and if you don't know how to get it you may be left in the dust.

And we don't want that.

So in this episode we're kicking off the series with a strategy we used to not only get the word out there on the Screw in the early days, but it's how we built our first business as well!

What is it?

Guest posting. And more specifically, how to go about guest posting strategically.

Want some of that in your business?

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Confession: We have an inappropriate amount of love for the Scroupies (in case you couldn't tell) and absolutely l.o.v.e shining a spotlight on them and all the cool things they're making happen in their business.

Show Notes:

Which is why we're kicking off a monthly Scroupie Spotlight on the podcast featuring some seriously rad entrepreneurs from inside Screw U!

Because straight up? We have some smart AF members and it's about time you got to know (and learn from) 'em.

And we're gonna kick it all of with Kaylyn Parker!

She screwed her 9-to-5 in mortgage sales last year after going all-in on her social media management business and in this episode she's sharing how she did it.

Be honest with me for a sec: Do you have a crystal-clear vision for your business?

Do you know how you want to grow it?

What your business looks like in 1 year, 3 years, hell, 5 years from now?

Do you know where you want to take it?

Show Notes:

If I'm being completely candid, this is something Josh and I ignored for soooo-ooohhhh many years with the Screw.

And I'm betting it hurt our growth without us even realizing it.

That is until now.

Because now? Now we have a vision for the Screw that spans the next 3 years and serves as our guiding light for the direction of our company.

So how did we create this vision and how can YOU create one for your business?

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It's what we all want, isn't it?

To work less in our business, yet make more than we ever have?

I mean, that pretty much sounds like "the dream", doesn't it?

But how do you actually do it?

Show Notes:

Like, how can you go from over-worked in the trenches to a leader who has more time, mental whitespace and money in their business...without losing your mind in the process?

That's exactly what our buddy Dave Ruel is jamming on with Josh in today's episode.

Because it IS possible and in this episode we're going to be diving deep into the principles of efficiency and creating more space so you can breathe easier and actually enjoy this business you've built. *happy sigh*

Wanna know how the eff to do that?


Well, things are gettin' really real over here at Screw HQ and we're in countdown mode until our little baby boy arrives in t-minus 4 weeks! *pops champagne bottles* <-- JK I'm still pregnant

And since we are first time parents (and really aren't sure what kind of chaos to expect), we've been prepping our business behind the scenes for his arrival for nearly 2 months straight now!

So what measures have we put in place to ensure our business runs as smooth as possible AND we have the time to take a step back and enjoy some blissful baby time?

We're breaking it all down in this episode and calling in some reinforcements.


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Real talk: Have you ever struggled to attract success into your life?

What I mean is, if you look at your life as it is today, would you consider yourself "successful"?

If you're thinking "mmmm not exactly" then today's episode is a must-listen if you want to change the story for 2018.


Because in today's episode Josh is sitting down with Jim Fortin for one of the best conversations around changing your ingrained (and let's keep it real: slightly self-sabotaging) beliefs so you can create a life you feel excited to wake up to.

Best of all, this change can start to happen today.

First though, you gotta listen to the episode. *wink*

Show Notes:

Confession: I used to seriously struggle with creating consistent content for social media.

I mean, there's just so much to do and so many platforms you "should" be on that it used to overwhelm the hell out of me.

And then I met Jasmine Star.

Have you met this chick yet?

She is one of the best social media content creators I've seen in a while and her batching game is on. freakin'. point.

So when I heard her talk about her process for creating a MONTH'S worth of social media content in a day, I knew I had to bring her on the show.

Because let's keep it real: Sometimes social media content creation can feel like a chore!

And it's about time we all got a system in place that allowed us to show up and shine on social without having to rack our brains for witty things to say.

Itching to get your hands on a simple process that allows you to create more in less time?

Click. Dat. Play button, baby!

Show Notes:

Facebook Live. Instagram Live. YouTube Live. Periscope. <-- is that even still a thing?

Whichever platform you use, there is one thing that is abundantly clear: Livestreaming is here, and it ain't goin' anywhere anytime soon.

Show Notes:

And while the idea of broadcasting live on the internet can make some webpreneurs break out in a cold sweat, it is quickly becoming one of the best and most direct ways to talk TO (not AT) your audience in real-time.

If you believe in building connection with your brand (this is totally our jam, btw) and you want to learn how to do this effectively with livestreaming AND use your broadcasts to convert viewers into customers, you're gonna want to stop what you're doing and give this bad boy a listen.

Because in this episode we are bringing Luria Petrucci onto the show and talking about how to use livestreaming strategically so that every broadcast you do is purposeful, engaging and benefits your business.

Sound like your jam?

You know what to do.

A little 2 years ago I made a big, bold claim that Facebook pages were dead to me and I was going all in on Facebook groups.

And man, did I go all in.

From creating my group from the ground up and growing it to over 44,000 entrepreneurs in less than 2 years, I was all. about. groups.

Show Notes: 

Your Next Steps:

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Ohhhhh man it can be a source of frustration, can’t it?

I mean, reach is down.

It’s noisy in the newsfeed.

Show Notes: 

And there is a hardcore belief that you have to “pay to play” just to make Facebook work for you and your business.

But is that really the case?

In this episode, we’re diving into the Facebook Trifecta and how to play Facebook’s game so that you not only get rewarded with reach, but your message gets in front of the people who need it and you build an organic audience of believers.

So what the eff is the Trifecta and how can you use it in your business?

Click play, homie!

Your Next Steps:

So you know how last week we talked about building your website traffic with 3 really simple strategies?

Well, what happens if you don’t actually know where your audience is hanging out online?

What I mean is…

Show Notes:

How are you going to build traffic and get in front of them if you’re unsure of what platforms they use, what sites they visit and what words they are searching on Goggle to find your competitors?

If you’ve ever struggled to figure this out and are “winging it” and hoping for the best, this episode is for you.


Because we’re giving you a straightforward system you can put into play today to find where your dream customers are hanging out so you can stop wasting time and get in front of them asap.

No headaches. No complicated procedures.

Just pure market research.

Sounds sexy, doesn’t it?


Your Next Steps:

Direct download: _EP_8_How_To_Figure_Out_Where_Your_Audience_is_Hanging_Out_Online.mp3
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So there you are with a wicked idea you know is going to straight up kill it online, but no matter what you do your website traffic just isn’t budging.

Which is frustrating AF, am I right?

So what’s a Scroupie to do if you know you need to get your message out there and in front of the people who are perfectly aligned with what you have to say and sell?

Show Notes:


You give this episode a listen because in this bad boy we’ve got 3 seriously rad and easy-to-implement website traffic strategies that will help you get more visits to your site, without you having to pay for ads, sponsorship or any other ridiculously high-priced “shortcuts”.

Best of all, anyone can make these work with just a few hours a week!

So let’s cut the chit chat and talk traffic, shall we?

Your Next Steps:

Direct download: _EP_7_How_To_Get_Your_First_1_000_Website_Visitors.mp3
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Have you ever been told that you need to hire a coach in order to start a business online?

Or that you should hire an expensive designer just to help you launch a website?

Or that you should run FB ads because it’s such an “easy” way to grow your business?

Show Notes: 

I’m going to go ahead and assume that at least a few of you have.

And honestly? It drives Josh and I craaaaazzzzyyyy!


Because straight up? Starting your business online does NOT have to be expensive or hard or frustrating or put you into debt.

In fact, you can get started building your business TODAY with just 3 tools that will cost you less than $100.

For real.

Wanna know what they are?

Hit that play button, homie! 

Your Next Steps:

Direct download: _EP_6_The_3_Must_Have_Tools_You_Need_To_Screw_Your_9-to-5.mp3
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Be honest with me for a sec, Scroupies!

Have you ever looked up after months and months of working on your business and wonder why it’s not working yet?

Why you’re not really building traffic?

Show Notes: 

Why your email list isn’t really growing?

And why the actual f*ck you’re not making money yet when everyone told you it was supposed to be “easy”?

Dude. We get it.

We’ve been there.

And we’ve struggled to build momentum and get results in our businesses.

Which is why we know how freakin’ crucial this episode is to dive into.


Because in this episode we’re talking about how to validate your business idea (whether you’ve started or not) so you know if it can actually make bank online or if you should cut your losses and find a new idea.

Need a little idea inspiration (and validation) in your life so you know whether or not to keep going?

Hit that play button below or take a little scroll up and pop the audio-only podcast into your eardrums.

Because it’s time to stop winging it.


Your Next Steps:

Direct download: _EP_5_How_To_Find_and_Validate_an_Idea_for_Your_Online_Business.mp3
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Let’s talk about inner critics, shall we, Scroupies?

I mean, if we’re keeping it real, we all have one.

And sometimes it can feel deafeningly loud.

From wondering whether you’ll really be able to do this whole online business thing…

To stressing over putting yourself out there into the cyber-world…

To wondering what your friends and family, hell, the entire internet (!) will think if it doesn’t work out…

Inner critics can be a real beyatch.

Which is why I wanted to shake things up today and call in some mindset reinforcements.

What am I talking about?

The Screw Shrink (Heather Gray), of course!

And if you’re thinking “what the eff is a Screw Shrink?”, don’t sweat. We break it down in this episode AND Heather and I deep-dive into some of the most common fears a lot of us entrepreneurs (and wantrepreneurs) have when deciding to put themselves out there and really go for their dreams.

If you’ve ever felt alone in this journey and wondering if anyone else has ever struggled with the sometimes paralyzing fears and anxieties, give that play button a click.

Because this episode? Is a must-listen. 

Show Notes: 

Your Next Steps:

This one goes out to you, Scroupies if you’re feeling crunched for time to work on your business.

I mean, let’s keep it real…

When you’re still balancing a 9-to-5 job AND trying to build and grow your business, it can feel downright exhausting trying to find the time to manage it all, am I right?

Oh, and we haven’t even talked about making time for family, friends and this little thing we call LIFE.

Yeah, that.

So how can you carve out some time to build your business, without feeling like you have to sacrifice what matters most to you?

Give this episode a listen (or watch)!

Because in this week’s episode we’re dishing 3 stupid-simple time saving hacks you can use to find 10 hours a week to work in your business.

Sound like something you need to hear?

Scroll on up to the top of the page and give 'er a listen OR hit the play button on that video below and let’s get some time management hacks up in this piece!

Show Notes:

Your Next Steps:

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Yuck! Feeling strapped for cash is probably one of the most stressful feelings, isn’t it Scroupies?

I mean, when you feel tight financially it’s damn near impossible to NOT think of it.

I remember back in early 2015 things felt suuuuper uncertain financially for Josh and I and I legit could not stop obsessing over it.

From wondering how we’d pay rent to wondering what it meant for the future our business, I stressed (and ugly-cried) a lot that month.

And honestly, I don’t want you to feel that way.

Because it’s the worst.

After all, when you’re first starting your business (and the money isn’t really rollin’ yet), it can be challenging to find the cash to continue to invest in your business.

Which is why we shot this episode.

What is it?

A sweet little money-savin’ hack Josh created that will help you save $100 which you can use to start and grow your business!

*fist pump*

Wanna know what it is?

Show Notes:

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Other Resources Mentioned on the Show: 

Check out if you're in the US or Canada

Here are 11 UK alternatives to

Check out Pocketbook if you're in Australia and want an alternative to

Check out and if you're in the US or Canada

Take a spin through this UK alternative to NerdWallet and AllConnect

Are you Australian? Hit up as an alternative to NerdWallet

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It’s officially here!! Our hawt new Screw the Nine to Five Show is live and ready for your listening (or viewing) pleasure! *pops bottles*

I’m not gonna lie, we’re pretty freakin’ stoked to be back into the world of podcasting and are itching to hear what you think!

In this episode, we took this ish back to basics and revealed a sweet 9-to-5 screwin’ roadmap we’ve been working on called the SCREW System!

It’s designed to not only help you get started, but propel you and your business forward without all the confusion, frustration and feelings of “what the eff do I do now?”.

Wanna give it a listen?

Your Next Steps:

FREE HOOKUP: Get your copy of  16 Ways to Screw Your 9-to-5!

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  • How to get over the "comparison hangover"
  • The re-frame you need to consider when comparing yourself to others
  • What is "emotional fitness" and how can you improve yours?
  • Why you need some perspective & how to get it
  • The importance of celebrating the small wins
  • The specific people you need to call on when you're spiralling into self doubt
  • A super-handy app that we're hooked on
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  • How did Adrienne pay off $48k of debt AND screw her 9-5, in just six months?!
  • What was Adrienne doing before, and why did a corporate job not work for her?
  • Adrienne breaks down how she turned her side hustle and her passion into a full time business- and how you could do the same!
  • Stressing out? Rushing? Don’t. Here’s why you need to take time to acquire your skills- and even work for free
  • We talk consistency, relationships, and reputation. Do your people know you?
  • How success is nothing more than small impact moments. What are yours?
  • Take action by building relationships- connect with peeps in the know!
  • Stop sitting in theory. How action creates clarity,and clarity creates confidence
  • What’s your MIM (most important mission)? We break down the ‘one thing’ rule- and why you need to chuck that to-do list out the window

  • Why you shouldn’t be wasting precious time and money winging it… Like, ever!
  • Which three factors do you need to effortlessly sell? We’re breakin’ it down!
  • We’re spelling out validation and research- what and why?
  • Why you need to find the authorities in your niche- and the 3 tools to help you
  • Who is sharing and influencing on similar topics, and why is this important?
  • Which social media channels and platforms should you be researching on?
  • Find yo’ lifers and take their pulse! Does your niche have raving fans?
  • Is cash being dropped? How to examine the purchase power in your niche
  • The one post you need to read, where I break down why you actually need to plan
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  • What was Amber doing before Nice Ops, and how can her story help you?
  • Screwing corporate: Why Amber loves working with small businesses instead
  • Clone yourself? Um, what? We talk simple strategies that will change your game
  • Why you need to do more than chase dollar- and how to figure out what
  • Process not profits! Amber shares her top tips on automating your bizz and running everything more effectively
  • Feeling overwhelmed? Here’s here to take the pain out of progression
  • Find that sweet spot baby! How to research, validate and build a business that is scalable and efficient
  • Never stop learning: why you need to be continually open to new ideas by searching, exploring and testing
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  • What is a sales funnel, and why do you need one anyway?
  • How creating an effective SF upped our business game and changed everything!
  • We bring the deets and break it on down: Just how do you create the perfect SF for your online business, and what are the four steps?
  • We’re talking content- how to rock your read magnet and bring in your peeps
  • Quick and dirty! How to share a relevant freebie, and lure with a lead magnet
  • From casual subscriber, to profitable customer- how to develop enticing intro offers that change the game!
  • What's your MAIN thang, and how will you sell it? We break down how to close the deal with your awesome core offer
  • Want all this juicy stuff in one place? For Free? With live Examples? I got you. Check out my monster blog post which brings alllll the SF heat. #You’reWelcome
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  • What is a sales funnel, and why do you need one anyway?
  • How creating an effective SF upped our business game and changed everything!
  • We bring the deets and break it on down: Just how do you create the perfect SF for your online business, and what are the four steps?
  • We’re talking content- how to rock your read magnet and bring in your peeps
  • Quick and dirty! How to share a relevant freebie, and lure with a lead magnet
  • From casual subscriber, to profitable customer- how to develop enticing intro offers that change the game!
  • What's your MAIN thang, and how will you sell it? We break down how to close the deal with your awesome core offer
  • Want all this juicy stuff in one place? For Free? With live Examples? I got you. Check out my monster blog post which brings alllll the SF heat. #You’reWelcome
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What was Yanick Silver doing before he became a world-changin’ entrepenur?

What is Evolved Enterprise? How Yanick’s book is shaking things up and bringin’ back the soul!

We’re talkin’ meaning, profit, and entrepreneurship which makes a difference

How to find your why, unlock your calling, and create a business around your truest self

Why you need to get intrigued about what you love, and learn how to leverage it

Keep it real! How (and why) to connect with people authentically

What is the psychology behind selling, and which mediums can help you use it?

Scared of tech? How to make IT your bitch and get to work where it counts

Process not profits! How to use your skills and vision for long-term gain

Want a cyber-family? How to build a  community by curating great content

The power of following up. How are you getting into your audience’s minds?

Not comfortable hustling on your boss's time? Use these tactics to get around it

What is time hacking and how can it help you?

Lunch breaks and drive time. How to bring the efficiency and up productivity!

Why you need to love what you do. Is it time to find a different side hustle?

How to know your client value, and stop fearing early mornings and late nights

Wanna work from home? Nick's top tips for negotiating a flexible work schedule

How to put yourself out there, take a risk, and fight for opportunities

  • How the Screw the 9-5 business model and case studies can help YOU
  • What is the ultimate online business model? We’re breakin it down!
  • The five steps you need to know about- and how to implement each of them
  • Find your fanatics! How to research your niche, audience and products to generate some mad insights - but why you shouldn’t overdo it
  • Content is king- as is medium? How to make and share content which resonates
  • The law of reciprocity- how, when and why to give away content
  • The low down on  sales funnel. How to create read, lead and core offerings
  • The differences between free and paid promotion, and how to use them all
  • Build yourself a loyal audience using these killer tips!
  • What is your blueprint? We chat staying accountable and measuring goals
Direct download: Ep_131_The_Ultimate_Online_Business_Model.mp3
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  • Why you need to prioritize your time and set some email boundries
  • How to automate, systemize and organize your inbox- and the tools to do it
  • Getting the same questions over and over? You need this software
  • Why you gotta cut back on personalized responses- and how to do it
  • How to direct users to the right info with an FAQ section
  • Upsell you knowledge! How to use emails as part of the sales funnel
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  • How did Lewis transform himself from couch-crasher to dream-chaser?
  • What is Lewis’ book ‘The School of Greatness’ about, and how can it help you?
  • We talk progression, the pursuit of happiness and why dreams can be painful
  • Who are you, really? How to stop living for others and chase your own dreams
  • Dreams change! We talk recognising burnout and adapting your vision
  • How to tackle your fears and continually sharpen your craft. We bring the heat!
  • Struggling to achieve greatness alone? We’re breakin’ down the importance of mentorship, accountability and finding your tribe
  • How emotionally fit and intelligent are you? Lewis explains how to meet people where they're at- and why it's important
  • What are you willing to sacrifice to achieve your vision? How to embrace challenges and trust your struggle
  • How are you reaching and serving other people? We talk meaning, purpose and finding your ‘why’
  • Lewis shares his top tips and practical exercises for defining and achieving your vision
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  • Need to make some quick cash on the side? Nick shares his badass ideas
  • How to find the right side hustle for you based on your goals, skills and situation
  • Not all side hustles are created equal. We chat pros and cons of different ventures
  • Sharing is caring! Nick talks share-economy-hustles with low overheads
  • Time to use your skills? Here’s why freelancing might just rock your world
  • What's the best way to build your portfolio, and how should you scale up?
  • Nick shares his one killer tip for driving traffic to your side hustle

  • What are the three stages of business for bootstrapping entrepreneurs?
  • Stair stepping and life-time value… say whaaaat?! We’re breakin’ down the jargon
  • What is a SaaS business model, anyway?
  • How to stretch limited profitability into a lucrative rinse and repeat strategy
  • How to evaluate a customer’s Life Time Value, and why you really need to!
  • Churn baby, churn? We talk churn and retention rates- and what it all means
  • Become a retention master with these top tips for growing a community
  • Need more continuity? We bring the tiered service level and membership heat
  • The one killer piece of software that will help your continuity
Direct download: Ep_127_The_3_Stages_of_Business_for_Bootstrapping_Entrepreneurs.mp3
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  • Why you need to delegate… Like, now!
  • How outsourcing can increase creativity, business focus and freedom
  • Do you suffer from Superman Syndrome? How to recognise you need help
  • How to pinpoint the tasks you can outsource, using this three step process
  • Let it go. We chat relinquishing our vice grips to ‘do less, better’
  • Systemise that shizz! How to create outsource systems and schedules
  • The nitty gritty of managing staff: Time-zones, probation periods, SOP’s, and video training

  • How did Screw U member Jose go from earning $0 to $2500 in just 3 months?
  • The methods and strategies that Jose used to steadily grow his online income
  • Still in your day job? We talk how to hustle on the side!
  • What is your ‘why’? Jose shares his motivations and his pursuit of freedom
  • How to implement your learnings by doing something every day
  • Why you need to stop overthinking and dive straight in
  • Are you taking yourself seriously? Why (and how) to invest in your success

  • What is, and how does James make it work?
  • The power of recurring revenue through subscription membership sites
  • Why is lifetime access a big mistake? We talk diminishing returns
  • How to manage member expectations and ultimately exceed them
  • What is future pacing and how could it help you sell your subscriptions?
  • The power of brevity and quality. We’re breakin’ down the ‘less is more’ truth
  • Is your site too unorganised? How to build and package your services to encourage a memberships
  • Why you need to turn up, be visible and take care of your community

  • What was James doing before he started his online business, and how did his sales, business and leadership background help him?
  • The corporate training ground: how your 9-5 skills help you in the online world
  • How to take constant  inspiration, information and learnings from everywhere
  • The harsh realities of the progression curve. How to step up, not shy away
  • We talk painful learning lessons. How can you adapt so people buy from you?
  • Why you need to elevate your presence and distinguish yourself
  • Shiny object syndrome? We chat instant gratification vs. playing the long game
  • Why and how James is the exception as a ‘specialised generalist’. Say whaaaat?
  • Are you over-niching yourself into limitations that needn't be there?
  • How to build a recurring income streams by focusing only on the essential

What is Suitcase Entrepreneur and how can Natalie help you?

How to run your business from anywhere and get shit done!

The beauty of simplicity. Why you shouldn’t try too many new tools at once

What is the two week test and how can it help you pick your tools?

Tight and Right! You need tools that do their job and integrate 

Which tools and aps does Natalie swear by for running a business on the road?

Who is Natalie Sisson, and what was she doing before Suitcase Entrepreneur?

How to use your light bulb moments and distil your vision into profit

What’s your offering? How to know your brand and communicate it succinctly

Believe in yourself! How to recognise your strengths, realize your potential and sell your expertise

All corporate right now? Natalie explains how your current skills are transferable

Don’t try and be everything to everyone. We talk finding your audience and niche

How to take users on a journey right down the ‘sales funnel’ and start converting

Why you need to get some focus and figure out what you are trying to achieve!

Direct download: Ep_121_How_Natalie_Sisson_Went_from_Corporate_Slave_to_Freedom_Fighter.mp3
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Multiple entrepreneur Dan Norris spills about his must-have Wordpress plugins

Keepin’ it simple. Why you don’t actually want too many plugins anyway

Do you need a stats plugin? How to ace your analytics with external software

How fast does your site load? The different caching options you should consider

Ensure your content reaches your audience with this simple SEO plugin

Find out which plugin cuts through the BS to encourage quality comments

The importance of knowing which plugins add value, and which slow you down

How many is too many? Find out Dan’s magic number of max plugins

Direct download: Ep_120_Dan_Norris_Answers__What_Are_Your_Must-Have_Wordpress_Plugins_.mp3
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How to find the right audience online, and why it’s important. We’re breakin’ it down!

Wasted time and wasted efforts. What happens if you find the wrong audience?

Paid vs organic advertising. How to track down your audience using both

Get down with Google! How to do filtered keyword research and find your people

The importance of creating tailored content to target your community

Are you solving a ‘how to’ problem, or meeting a social need?

Not all platforms were created equal! Which are the most effective for you and how do you find them?


The website that will help you find influencers and target the right social channels

Direct download: Ep119_How_To_Find_Your_Audience_Online.mp3
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Who are CPA on Fire and how can they help you?

Keepin’ it legal. How, when and  *how much* should you be paying yourself?

The different arrangements for sole proprietor, LLC and S corp

We’re talkin’ taxes- Do you pay, or does the business pay?

Get informed about self employment taxes: the 15.3% you *maybe* could save

What is considered a ‘reasonable salary’ for an S Corp company member?


Panicked about payroll? How to outsource, and what you should be paying

Direct download: Ep118_Josh_Bauerle_Answers__How_do_I_pay_myself_.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:00am EDT

What was Dan doing before his books, startups and public speaking gigs?

Dan Norris talks us through his many businesses. How does he juggle them all?

What is the 7 Day Startup day? Why Dan launched his business the way he did, and why he thinks others should do the same

What is WP Curve, and how could it help you?

You don’t learn till you launch. Why it took Dan 8 years to learn how to succeed

Could you kill your ideas? How to know when something isn’t working and why

Why you need to quit assuming and ask, ‘what problem am I actually solving?’

What will make people share you? What is the message of  who you are and what you do? We talk differentiation and how to stand out

Community builds trust. How do you build and nurture an engaged community- then leverage that support?


Content builds authority. How to create and use killer content to and market yourself and your product

Direct download: Ep117_How_Dan_Norris_Created_a_Successful_Startup_in_7_Days.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:00am EDT


What is CPA on Fire, and how can they help you?

Dominate your deductions! We’re breakin’ it down

The difference between personal and business expenses when deducting

What you can and can’t write off- and how to tell the difference

Still feeling confused? If you’re an entrepreneur, then you need an accountant!

Why Facebook groups are sooooo important

How to start, grow and manage your Facebook group

How can it generate proud ambassadors to sell your products for you?

How to use your community to spread your message and grow your business

Why is consistency important? How to theme your days and invite inspiration

It’s not about you, honey! The importance of helping members shine

Give your people a platform- why sharing their wins will increase yours

People want interaction! Why you gotta show up and be present

How to promote and drive people to your Facebook group

Direct download: Ep_115_How_To_Grow__Manage_a_Successful_Facebook_Group.mp3
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Who are CPA on Fire and how can they help you?

Why you just gotta get a business bank account. Like, now

How to ace your accounting with automation, separation and outsourcing

How to choose accounting software and organize your schtuff

Make books your bitch with these tips

Direct download: Ep114.mp3
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Why Jared stuck two fingers up at convention and live in a campervan!

What is Hope For The Sold?

Why was a 37,000 mile world pilgrimage necessary for success?

What Jared's story has to do with goat testicles and lunching with the freakin’ Pope!

How Jared eliminated distractions to write an entire book in three weeks

No techy skills? No prob! Why simple, old school business tools are where it’s at

How your authentic values will help you stand out and influence

How to stay true to an eco, minimalist life AND still grow a successful modern business

Are those dollars feelin’ a lil empty? We chat meaning, ethics and being unconventional

Direct download: Ep113.mp3
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Feel like your loved ones… don’t get it? We’re breakin’ down why!

Why you need to make boundaries your bitch!

Know when to zip it! What you should and shouldn’t bother explaining

Loved ones giving you a negative vibe? Do this!

Blank stares and awkward questions? Why you need this one thing!

How to ‘find your people’

Direct download: Ep112.mp3
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What is CPA on Fire and how can they help you?

Help! LLC or S-Corp? We’re breakin’ it down

The huge tax savings you need to know about

Why isn’t everyone S-Corp? Misinformation and salary obligations

Get the right help! We talk pay-roll companies and automation systems

Direct download: Ep111.mp3
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What was Josh doing before he became a Tropical Entrepreneur, and how has it helped him?

Training on someone else’s time and dime! How to transition from INtrepreneur to entrepreneur

Think you don’t know enough? How to quit seeing obstacles and learn as you go

The marketing strategies Josh used to make $50,000 per month... after just eight months!

Why Josh is all over lead generation, and his mega strategies for data mining

You’re the expert! How to  ‘Authority stack’ your content like a boss

Trust me, I’m a marketer! Why a membership program is your golden ticket

Direct download: Ep110.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:00am EDT

The three management hacks that will help you get more done in the day

Lacking direction? We break down how to move forward

We tell you how to build momentum and get shit done

How to pick your tools and manage time in a way that works for you

We break down the scrums, the sprints and the Pomodoros!

Want to stay focused? How to find and use your ONE thing

Direct download: Ep109.mp3
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How did Nathan go from zero to 200k Insta followers in under eight months?

It’s not just pretty pics- Nathan gets 1,000 leads a week from Instagram

Once he got 2,700 opt ins in one week! Excuse me, what?

Nathan shares his top three tips for growing your business with Insta

Just how do you make and share killer content on Insta?

Maximize that bio, beyatch!

Hw to smash it with your landing page

What is a product push, and why should you do it?

Direct download: Ep108.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:00am EDT

What is Foundr mag? Nathan shares his passion for cashin’ with us

What was Nathan doing before he became an entrepreneur?

How did the founder of Foundr do it… alongside his day job?!

The methods he used to get hard to reach people like Richard Branson on board!

Struggling to get things going? We talk branding, consistency and persistence!

Why you should forget perfection and … JUST DO IT

Direct download: Ep107.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:00am EDT

What is community marketing?

Why should you engage with your audience? The powerful link between interaction and sales.

Just HOW do you court your community and get them involved?

Want to step up your interaction with your followers? You need a presence in their space!

Think beyond Facebook! From membership programs to forums, we discuss which tools to use.

The importance of being… HUMAN.

The ONE main thing you absolutely need to build a powerful community!

Introducing the BEST new app for community building, and why YOU should be checking it out.

Direct download: Ep106.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:00am EDT

Why the heck does Steve want to read a book a day?

What's the difference between business books and novels when it comes to speed reading?

Why should you start at the table of contents when speeding through a book?

What's so important about the first and last paragraph of each chapter? Steve breaks it down

Steve's biggest tip for speed-reading and why you'll need your finger for it

Direct download: Ep105.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:00am EDT

What the heck does NLP even mean? Andy is breaking it down

How Andy overcame a very humble beginning

How did Andy go from never working with a computer to working for Microsoft? He explains!

Andy reveals how he went from Microsoft to commercial real estate to starting his own business in the space of a few years

What were the first few years of Andy's business like?

The power of listening to your intuition

What was the one thing that had the biggest impact on Andy's business?

Direct download: Ep104.mp3
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What is affiliate marketing?

How we got started with affiliate marketing (and why it involved Josh being sassy)

Want to make money with affiliate links? Follow this step by step process!

The difference between niche sites and authority sites

Which type of site should YOU build?

Which products should you choose? We'll help you decide

Learn how to use affiliate marketing in a way that is right for YOU

Access our FREE downloadable guide to building your own niche sites

Direct download: Ep103.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:00am EDT

What's the easiest way to make money online? We're breaking it down

What the hell is affiliate marketing?

How do you make money with affiliate marketing anyways?

Why is affiliate marketing the easiest way tog et started?

The two different types of affiliate marketing

The truth about passive income

Another way to make money online

How much should you invest in your affiliate sites?

Direct download: Ep102.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:00am EDT

What is Amanda's business all about? She's breaking it down

What was Amanda doing before her business and why was she driving 100s of kms a week?

How did Amanda first start dipping her toes into the online space?

Does tech make your brain want to explode? This is how Amanda powers through the overwhelm

The temptation to quit is REAL, here's how Amanda avoids it

Amanda's biggest revelation to date

Direct download: Ep101.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:00am EDT

A little recap on the last 6 months

The power of ripping yourself out of your comfort zone

Why I had a few "ugly cry" moments throughout the last 6 months

The moment where I realized most people would give up

Why big conferences aren't really all that great

Our big sales funnel f*ck up

Why simplicity is key to success

The power of scrapping a project if it's not working for you

Why community is crazy-important

Our biggest ah-ha of our entire business - why membership communities are game-changers

What does "screwing the 9-to-5" mean to the Screw Crew? They're breaking it down!

Direct download: Ep100.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 6:00am EDT

What was Daniel doing before he got his first client?

The conversation that made Daniel realize he needed to quit his job

How Daniel transitioned from an everyday waiter to a full-time freelancer

The first (random) freelancing business Daniel set up

Daniel's biggest ah-ha when it came to making money with his business

Why it's SO important to re-frame your thinking if you want to be successful

How is online business and Narnia related? Listen to Daniel's hilarious explanation

Direct download: Ep99.mp3
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Find out what Amy learned from traveling the world with Tony Robbins

Learn how she transitioned from a content manager to her social media marketing business

Learn what she found out behind the scenes of huge marketing launches

What you need to learn before jumping ship and quitting your 9-5

The main skills Amy took from her 9-5 to launch her own business

The trigger that told Amy she was no longer employable after 1 year of working for herself

How she overcame struggles when starting out as an entrepreneur

48 hour/7day challenge to design your perfect future

Direct download: Ep98.mp3
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$82,000 in debt?! How did Austin rack up that much debt?

The first step in figuring out your debt - it's easier than you think

How to attack your interest rate to cut down your debt FAST

Do you really need to cut out everything...including coffee? Austin breaks it down

The trap that is "avoiding" your debt

Direct download: Ep97.mp3
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Austin *gasp* loved his corporate job? Find out why he left anyway

How did Austin transition from working in oil & gas salesman into his own business?

What made Austin "flip the switch" and go all-in on his business?

Austin's BIG health scare and why it happened

Why Austin is SO hell-bent on leveraging systems and automation in his business

The importance of having a healthy money mindset

What would Austin's life look like if he didn't screw his 9-to-5?

Direct download: Ep96.mp3
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What's the one thing that helps eliminate entrepreneurial loneliness?

What factors should you look for in the people you allow into your mastermind?

What should the goal of your mastermind be?

Why rules are vital to the success of your mastermind.

How to weed out the people who aren't serious about success.

Structure: why you need it and how to implement it.

How long should your mastermind sessions be?

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When should you set up a formal LLC or other business identity?

The specifics of incorporating in the US: what to consider.

How we started, and what we recommend doing differently.

One of the biggest mistakes we made in the early days of our business.

How do you know if you've found a good accountant?

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How did Scott first dip his toes into online marketing?

Hear Scott explain how he dealt with information overwhelm and self-doubt.

What's the one thing that's had the greatest impact on his business?

What is the marathon mentality and why has it been so powerful for him?

How can you create a tsunami of momentum in your business?

How to be okay with fear and getting out of your comfort zone

Why comfort zones kill dreams

Does your first online business have to be your one and only?

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Find out what Amy learned from traveling the world with Tony Robbins

Learn how she transitioned from a content manager to her social media marketing business

Learn what she found out behind the scenes of huge marketing launches

What you need to learn before jumping ship and quitting your 9-5

The main skills Amy took from her 9-5 to launch her own business

The trigger that told Amy she was no longer employable after 1 year of working for


How she overcame struggles when starting out as an entrepreneur

48 hour/7day challenge to design your perfect future

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How can you determine if a business model will be highly lucrative?

Why did Mario and his wife opt for the medium of podcasting?

Why different is better than better!

How not to get hung up on what others are doing.

Two questions to ask yourself to carve out your niche.

How to stop selling yourself short.

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Why foster care was one of the best things to happen to Mario.

How did he first discover internet marketing?

What is massive imperfect action and how do you apply it to your business?

Why you’ll never be ready enough, and that’s okay.

What was one of the biggest game-changers for him?

Why an accountability partner is crucial.

What would he tell his younger self today if he could?

If he had never gotten into internet marketing what would his life be like now?

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The tell-tale signs of shiny object syndrome: how do you know if you have it?

How to flex your idea muscles, while still staying on track.

The foolproof way to gain momentum.

What's the difference between pivoting and shiny object syndrome?

What it means to pick and commit, and how to do it.

Once you choose a path how long should you follow it?

What does the term Pomodoro have to do with productivity?

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How can you avoid feeling guilty about caring for yourself?

How often should you do something for yourself?

The connection between a healthy body, a healthy mind, and a healthy business.

Why is it important to take breaks?

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How did Carrie create the Female Entrepreneur Association?

What advertising tricks did she use to get her business off the ground?

How to use momentum to avoid getting stuck.

What role does authenticity play in the success of your business?

Why you absolutely must be consistent.

Can anyone make it happen? Carrie answers.

Why it’s important to work on yourself.

What is the one thing that will change everything for you?

Why is it important to measure your progress?

How to get one thing done in your business every day.

Why it's so vital to make strategic use of your time.

How to make progress without a massive daily commitment!

What is the 30-day calendar challenge?

How to stop thinking too much, and start taking action.

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How to connect with people “above” you, even if you’re shy.

What’s #1 reason you’re afraid to connect with entrepreneurs you respect?

Why approaching people with the right intention is absolutely key.

Three different types of approaches, and which is best!

Can you become a connector even if you’re shy?

The importance of doing your homework.

Why you need to also network “down”.

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What is the strongest predictor of success?

The secret to job security – in any industry.

How did Jordan discover his superpower?

What made Jordan want to start the Art of Charm?

Getting and sustaining momentum in your side gig.

Jordan’s best advice for when to go full-time into your side gig.

Why today’s education system does not produce entrepreneurs.

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What are the advantages of Facebook groups over pages?

Why is the organic reach for pages decreasing right now?

How to avoid paying for reach on Facebook.

The different types of groups and which one you should create.

What should be in your pinned post and why.

How to grow your Facebook group.

Is it important to consistently push your Facebook group link?

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