Screw The Nine To Five

Okay so I admit, we're a tad biased when it comes to reasons why you should consider dipping your toes into the webpreneurial waters.

But since you're here on this site, listening to this podcast, we can only assume you (at the very least) have a faint desire to learn more about it.

Well today we are giving you FIVE reasons why you might want to consider making 2015 the year you finally indulge that whisper inside of you screaming for a change.

And if those aren't enough reasons, we'll even share a handy exercise to help you determine whether or not you can transform your 9-to-5 job into a thriving online business.

Because really, why work for someone else if you don't have to?

So if you've been thinking about it for a while, but never acted on it, click that cheeky green play button or ddownload this episode directly from iTunes or Stitcher and get ready to set some game-changing intentions!

And don't forget to tune in for a new episode every Thursday at 7am EST!

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