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30 freakin' months? When the hell did that happen?!

Honestly, I remember the day Josh and I had our first work session
for our brand spankin' new business we decided to create together...

It was early January 2012, it was cold and gloomy as all hell out, and we were hungry to tackle this new website of ours.

It was a skincare site, and we were determined to master affiliate marketing with it.

We had plans. We had goals. And we figured "how hard could it be?".

Fast-forward two and a half years and knowing what we know now, I wish I could go back, pat those two babypreneurs on the head and tell them to buckle in.

Because these last 30 months have been hands down the most transformative 30 months of our entire lives.

We have learned so much. Failed so many times. Experienced so much joy. Ugly-cried so many times *cough* okay that was just me. Lost money. Made money. Grown an amazing community. Loved. Laughed. And have thrown a tantrum or two...okay...that was just me again.

And I wouldn't trade one single moment of it.

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