Screw The Nine To Five

What if there was a way to instantly kill your fear of failure and become UNSTOPPABLE in business and life?

So many entrepreneurs grapple with anxiety around what will happen if they fail, lose money, or don't measure up, and it keeps them STUCK in self-doubt and playing small.

What they don't know is that this fear is EASY to release once you understand it.

In this episode of 'The Wealthy Course Creator Show,' I'll be breaking down some of the reasons WHY so many of us struggle with the fear of failure. 

I'll also talk about why failure can be the BEST thing that could happen to you - if you have the right mindset.

You'll also learn a simple but powerful exercise to GET RID of self-doubt and create a BADASS impact with your business!

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We're going to dive into creating a repeatable and predictable launch process you can use over and over again to sell more of your programs.

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Key points 

- How to overcome your fear of failure (00:00)

- Why many people struggle with the fear of failure (03:56)

- What your fear of failure actually is (06:12)

- The best thing about failure (08:14)

- How to become unstoppable in your business (13:12)

- One easy exercise to get rid of your fears (15:48)

- How to have bigger launches with less stress (20:50)


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Thanks for tuning in!

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