Screw The Nine To Five

PEOPLE PLEASING. Do you find yourself doing it?

Saying yes when really you mean no?

Trying to make others happy while deep down inside making YOURSELF unhappy?

Some habits and behaviors will get you to a certain level of success - but will NOT get you to the next level. 

And people-pleasing is ABSOLUTELY one of those behaviors.

But how can you get OUT of this people-pleasing loop?

If you have struggled with people-pleasing, then stick around because that's EXACTLY what I'm jamming on during today's episode of "The Wealthy Course Creator Show."

I'll talk about why this behavior is so typical, how to become aware of it, and my top 4 rules to stop being a people pleaser.

Like, ACTUALLY stop.


Key points 

- Episode intro (00:00)

- Why do so many people struggle with people-pleasing? (01:09)

- How to become aware of the problem (03:55)

- What people pleasing really is (04:10)

- The 4 rules to improve your relationships (05:06)

- Episode recap (21:27)


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