Screw The Nine To Five

Instead of worrying about growing an email list, what if you focused your efforts on getting ACTUAL CUSTOMERS buying your courses every day?

Most coaches and course creators think they need to spend months, if not YEARS, "growing an audience" before they can make an offer.

So they go out and spend all their time creating content and posting on social media, hoping that people will sign up for their freebie.

But THEN what?

Just because someone gives you their email address doesn't mean they're a qualified lead who will eventually buy your course or coaching program in the future.

In fact, most DON'T.

In today's episode of 'The Wealthy Course Creator Show', I'll share with you a simple technique to STOP giving away free stuff and start boosting your conversion rate.

One of our former students will be joining us to break down how you can apply this strategy to grow your business up to SEVEN figures!

We'll also discuss how to leverage the power of SEO to take your marketing skills to the NEXT level.

Get rid of freebie seekers and start building an ACTUAL customer list!


Key points 

- Episode intro (00:00)

- How to get better business results (05:21)

- How to build a customer list (09:10)

- Why you should charge for your content (21:50)

- Growing your profits with the Ascension Model (24:46)

- Leveraging the power of SEO (43:49)

- How to get higher conversion rates (1:00:18)

- Episode recap (1:10:31)


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Thanks for tuning in!

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