Screw The Nine To Five

What if there was a formula you could use to raise the price of your online course or coaching offer, without getting ANY pushback from your audience?

Deep down, most coaches and course creators know they are struggling because they DON'T charge enough for their services.

Not only that, but the THOUGHT of raising prices gives most people anxiety so they bite the bullet and keep everything the same. 

This of course leads to thinner and thinner margins and eventually a full-scale burnout!

In today's episode of ‘The Wealthy Course Creator Show’, Josh is going to show you how to adjust and reposition any course or coaching program into a set of 3 products that when offered, can potentially lead to a four-fold increase in profit.

And most importantly, you can do it in a way that allows you to serve EVERYBODY in your market, no matter their financial situation!

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Key points 

- Episode intro (00:00)

- How to ethically raise your prices (01:20)

- The advantages of this strategy (04:20)

- Why three-tier pricing is important (05:00)

- How to stop being afraid of raising your prices (11:20)

- The fastest way to get results for your clients (19:02)

- Episode recap (26:27)


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