Screw The Nine To Five

So here’s the deal: at some point in your business (probs more than once), you’re going to feel like giving up. (Trust’s just the way it goes.)

You find yourself thinking, “F this — this BLOWS. Why the hell did I quit my job for THIS?

The thing is, feeling like that doesn’t mean it’s time to throw in the towel and go back to working for Kevin, whose passion and vision lies in middle management.

It just means you’re bucking up against hard times. 

But that isn’t an excuse to bail on what you really, really want.

So how do you push back the urge to go back to what you think will be easier (and spoiler alert: it won’t be) and keep on truckin’?

That’s just what we’re diving into on this episode (so it’s a good thing you showed up)! Read the full show notes:


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