Screw The Nine To Five
  • How did Adrienne pay off $48k of debt AND screw her 9-5, in just six months?!
  • What was Adrienne doing before, and why did a corporate job not work for her?
  • Adrienne breaks down how she turned her side hustle and her passion into a full time business- and how you could do the same!
  • Stressing out? Rushing? Don’t. Here’s why you need to take time to acquire your skills- and even work for free
  • We talk consistency, relationships, and reputation. Do your people know you?
  • How success is nothing more than small impact moments. What are yours?
  • Take action by building relationships- connect with peeps in the know!
  • Stop sitting in theory. How action creates clarity,and clarity creates confidence
  • What’s your MIM (most important mission)? We break down the ‘one thing’ rule- and why you need to chuck that to-do list out the window