Screw The Nine To Five

What was Dan doing before his books, startups and public speaking gigs?

Dan Norris talks us through his many businesses. How does he juggle them all?

What is the 7 Day Startup day? Why Dan launched his business the way he did, and why he thinks others should do the same

What is WP Curve, and how could it help you?

You don’t learn till you launch. Why it took Dan 8 years to learn how to succeed

Could you kill your ideas? How to know when something isn’t working and why

Why you need to quit assuming and ask, ‘what problem am I actually solving?’

What will make people share you? What is the message of  who you are and what you do? We talk differentiation and how to stand out

Community builds trust. How do you build and nurture an engaged community- then leverage that support?


Content builds authority. How to create and use killer content to and market yourself and your product

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