Screw The Nine To Five

Let me be honest here: When Josh and I started our first business together, we knew NOTHING about running a business properly, hacking our productivity, or even setting ourselves up for growth.

We were just two cocky wannabe moguls who thought we knew evvvverything.

Fast-forward a few months later and we were overwhelmed, burnt out, and struggling to get a grip on our business!

While that period of time was insanely stressful, it pushed us to start finding tools that could help us manage our day-to-day operations, as well as streamline our lives

And let me tell you - it was the BEST thing we ever did for ourselves and our business. Score!

Curious to know what these time-saving...errr....SANITY-saving tools are?

You know what to do.

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Words of Wisdom in This Week's Podcast:

  • The tools we didn't use when we started off, but looking back we wish we had
  • Have issues remembering all your passwords? With this tool, you'll only ever have to remember one
  • The perfect tool for coordinating time schedules between clients and yourself
  • Which project management tool keeps teams together and is the apple of Josh's eye
  • My #1 fave tool - it's core to our business and could be for yours too
  • A music based tool created on scientific research and the second tool in my tool trifecta
  • Is your Inbox getting out of hand? Let this tool save you time with your email
  • The bee's knees of picture editing
  • Our weekly Show Us Your Tips tip! Say it in an Aussie accent and have a little giggle!

Post-Podcast Resources & Honourable Mentions:

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