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Be honest: Do you not L.O.V.E the idea of working less and making more?

I sure as hell do!

And while most of us have the goal to eventually take ourselves out of our business - so we can work ON it, and not IN it - it sometimes feels a tad scary to give up certain tasks...amiright?

I know when Josh and I first started thinking about hiring people for the Screw we thought "oh, but it's just easier if I do it".

Can you relate?

Well, it turns out those thoughts are just straight up poison for the growth of your business, and yourself as an entrepreneur.

So how do you get started with automating your business, so it can run without you having to be involved 24/7?

Oh you know....you click play above or if you'd rather listen in iTunes or Stitcher, you can do that too. Because we dig options.

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