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We all know an entrepreneur or two or twenty! But how many families do you know that are all entrepreneurs? Chances are, not many. In fact, if you know another family of entrepreneurs then you're going to need to share that in the comment section below STAT.

On this awesome Couples Spotlight, were jazzed to be speaking with Natalie and Mike Hixson because they may just be the most interesting weve spoken to yet and let me tell you, weve chatted with some pretty bad ass couples!

Like I said, this entire family is entrepreneurial. We are talking entrepreneurs on both sides of Natalie's family, both Natalie and Mike, and even their 10 year old daughter, Enya!

Whhaaaaat!!! If that is not inspiring, then you all are whack.

These high school sweethearts had an interesting path to couple-preneurship. From ditching 9-5 and poor first product launches to getting inspiration from power couple Melanie and Devin Duncan, they have had quite the ride. Best part is, they are instilling their wisdom on their children.

Kids do not have that inhibition or that fear that someone is going to tell them no because kids are used to being told no by their parents. They just keep pushing anyway, so I was like let us focus this into business. If you can figure out how to deal with that. No now and the failures now that happen, and that failure is only a step in the right direction, then what are you going to do when you are 20? Natalie Hixson

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Words of Wisdom in This Week Podcast:

  • A little bit about these high school sweethearts entrepreneurial beginnings
  • How Melanie and Devin Duncan inspired their Entrepreneur Kids Academy and the advice they did not listen too (oops!)
  • How a business coach helped them overcome some of their limiting beliefs and business obstacles
  • Dishing all about Entrepreneur Kids Academy
  • The winning way they have structured their biz
  • The goose bump inducing wisdom Natalie shared about teaching kids to be entrepreneurial
  • How building boundaries increased their productivity
  • One piece of advice they had give to another couple wanting to go into business

Post-Podcast Resources Honourable Mentions:

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