Screw The Nine To Five
  • What is a sales funnel, and why do you need one anyway?
  • How creating an effective SF upped our business game and changed everything!
  • We bring the deets and break it on down: Just how do you create the perfect SF for your online business, and what are the four steps?
  • We’re talking content- how to rock your read magnet and bring in your peeps
  • Quick and dirty! How to share a relevant freebie, and lure with a lead magnet
  • From casual subscriber, to profitable customer- how to develop enticing intro offers that change the game!
  • What's your MAIN thang, and how will you sell it? We break down how to close the deal with your awesome core offer
  • Want all this juicy stuff in one place? For Free? With live Examples? I got you. Check out my monster blog post which brings alllll the SF heat. #You’reWelcome
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