Screw The Nine To Five
  • How the Screw the 9-5 business model and case studies can help YOU
  • What is the ultimate online business model? We’re breakin it down!
  • The five steps you need to know about- and how to implement each of them
  • Find your fanatics! How to research your niche, audience and products to generate some mad insights - but why you shouldn’t overdo it
  • Content is king- as is medium? How to make and share content which resonates
  • The law of reciprocity- how, when and why to give away content
  • The low down on  sales funnel. How to create read, lead and core offerings
  • The differences between free and paid promotion, and how to use them all
  • Build yourself a loyal audience using these killer tips!
  • What is your blueprint? We chat staying accountable and measuring goals
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