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Question: When you're feeling a little sick, a little "meh", a little off, do you Google your symptoms? Make an appointment with your doctor? Wallow in your own sorrow? All of the above

I have to admit, I've been known to put off doctor visits for months because it just feels like too much of a hassle to actually get my act together and go to the doctor.

I know, it's sad. And I'm lazy.

Well, what if I told you that you could hop online and book an appointment with a naturopathic doctor, get some clarity around what's going on with your body, and never have to leave your home!?

I assume you would do what I did when I heard about our guests today: Aggressively fist-pump.

Which is why we're so jazzed to have Shannon and Alexis on the show today to talk about how they took their brick and mortar businesses online, transformed their life, and are now jet-setting around the world while helping people look and feel healthier.

Think doctors belong in over-air-conditioned offices that smell like disinfectant and wear oversized white coats? Think again.

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