Screw The Nine To Five

Have you ever felt that tug to do something more? But then you just… don’t do it. 
Come on. Be honest. We KNOW you know what we’re talking about. 
At first, it’s a small nudge that’s easy to push away. You wonder if it’s just your old friend self-sabotage popping in to distract you from your current path (theeee worst). 
It’s safer to just keep chugging along, right? 
HA. Wrong. Because here’s the truth: you can’t ignore that nudge forever. When your soul knows it’s time to level up in your life and business, it’s as impatient AF. 
So what do you do when it’s go-time, but your brain keeps making excuses to stay put? Well, aren’t you the lucky one… that’s exactly what we’re unpacking in this episode.

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