Screw The Nine To Five

What if there was a way to cover most, if not ALL of your advertising costs on your next online course launch, before you even go to sell anything?

On today's episode of ‘The Wealthy Course Creator Show’, we'll be breaking down the “Pay-To-Play” launch model so that you can test it out the next time you go to sell your online course or coaching program.

You'll also learn a UNIQUE way to think about money so you can make more of it on your next launch or promotion!

Today, we’re also featuring a special guest... 

One of our students and course creators who has managed to generate OVER $200k in online course sales using THIS launch strategy!

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Key points 

-  Episode intro (00:00)

-  How does the ‘Pay-To-Play’ launch model work? (01:11)

-  The most important takeaway (16:20)

-  The best strategy to convert your leads (18:00)

-  Do you recommend Facebook ads to get people into your bootcamp (23:00)

-  The mindset that is preventing you from earning more (31:00)

-  Why the ‘Pay-to-Play’ model is so effective (50:03)

-  The best way to connect with your customers (1:05:11)

-  Episode recap (1:15:49) 


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